Sunday, July 11, 2010

So very busy....!

Yes, we are so very very busy, unfortunately it is not miniature related, but it is a house! As some of you know, we are building a new home. It is getting close to being finished, but there is still lots to be done before we can move in. So every waking moment has been spent at the house....well I do lie, as I do treat myself to seeing what is happening in blogland and what wonderful things you are all making.......(couldn't survive without my!). We hope to be moving-in in about a weeks time....(all being well)....and then I hope to get back to my beloved miniatures.
Oh, the photo is a panorama of my new view....beautiful at day time, but absolutely divine at night!

Missing you all.......Linda x


synnøve said...

The new view is stunning Linda!!
Good luck with the moving and every thing related to the new house!!

Catherine said...


I am so excited for you!!! :-)) I know how badly you want to get settled into your new house. The view is gorgeous! How wonderful to have everything around you fresh and new.

Flora said...

Dear Linda, after building the Petite Folie, now it's up to the Grand!
Mini hugs, Flora

rosanna said...

Linda as I've already told you it's a heavenly sight!

Andrea Thieck Miniatures said...

What a wonderful sight! I wish you enjoy it very soon from your ready build house.

Norma said...

I wouldn't get too much mini-ing done with a view like that to enjoy :) Good luck with the move.

Margaret said...

Lovely views over Sandy Bay and the Casino, Hobart has some really lovely scenic views. Hope your move goes well, than you can relax a little.

Looking Glass Miniatures said...

What a wonderful view! I am happy for you!! This is one of my favourate blogs and your house is a true inspiration for me!


Sabiha Barkey said...

We stay put, so don't rush and take it easy! Moving into a new home, is a lot of work so take your time! The vieuw is absolutely amzing...hope you show us some pics of your new house?

Good luck with all the moving-in!


contar said...

Espero que terminen pronto su nueva casa y que la mudanza no le sea muy pesada.
y ahora que las cosas de encantamientos y embrujo están tan de moda, una pequeña magia blanca para las casas que se hacían en mi pueblo, para usted.
Lo primero que debe entrar en una casa para que la familia tenga suerte es, una escoba que se pone detrás de la puerta de entrada hasta que todos estén viviendo en la casa, sal, y aceite de oliva, y si en la casa antigua se tuvo felicidad, se pone en el salón de ella un zapato viejo, y se recita felicidad sube a esta albarca, se lleva el zapato a la casa nueva y se recita felicidad esta es tu casa, y se guarda en algún armario escondido.
un abrazo

I hope that they finish soon his new house and that the change is not very weighed him.
And now that the things enchantments and spell are so fashionable, a small white magic for the houses that were done in my people, for you.
The first thing that must enter a house in order that the family is lucky is, a broom that it puts behind the door of entry until they all are living in the house, salt, and olive oil, and if in the ancient house happiness was had, puts in the lounge of her an old shoe, and happiness is recited rises to this rustic shoe, leads the shoe to him to the new house and this happiness is recited it is your house, and avoides in some hidden cupboard.
An embrace

Liberty Biberty said...

Can't wait to visit you in the new house next year...not sure how much mini making you'll get done with that view to look at though!

dale said...

Gorgeous view!

I'm sure you'll be very happy to move in and get everything just so. :)

Jean Day said...

I really feel for you, with building you can be pulled in so many decision making directions. We add a 1200 square foot addition and atrium to our house and it took me ages to get back to miniatures. It is a wonderful time to organize though and have everything exactly as you want it. How exciting for you!! I hope we will get to see lots of photos. Jean♥

Ana Anselmo said...

WOW! what a lovely view, I wish you all the best in your new house!
Love from Lisbon

Patty said...

Linda, How exciting!! A new house! What a fabulous view! My favorite has always been a nightime view of a city lit up! You get both....water and lights! Lucky you. I look forward to you being back involved with your miniatures though. I love your posts!

Delphine said...

A warm regard from Paris ! i love your blog so much. i did a post about you on my blog Paradis Express.
Here :

After Dark minatures said...

Wow! do you have a spare room? ;)

Mélanie A. said...

This view is stunning. Can't wait to see more pictures of your new home