Thursday, August 5, 2010


I receive some beautiful comments on my blog, one I received today says she is 'inspired' by my work & she thanks me for sharing the petite maison with you all......I just wanted to say that it is these lovely comments that inspire me to do further work......I thank 'anonymous' for her lovely words.

My dear friend Josie, who I met when I lived in Queensland has returned to the UK to live. She asked me to let her followers know that once she has set herself-up again, she will return to blog land......I shall miss Jo very much!! While we have been living many hundreds of miles apart, that now has turned into many thousands of miles apart, but with someone as fabulous as Jo it won't matter whether we are next door or on the other side of the world, our friendship will always remain the same.....wishing you the very best Jo....Linda x

Oh, the photo......I adore crystal chandeliers whether it be real size or miniature, this is one that I have in my dining room in my new always adds a little sparkle to my day!


Catherine said...

Ooooh I love the chandelier in your new dining room. It's so pretty!

Anonymous has probably spoken for many of us. I have also been inspired by your gorgeous blog and petite maison.

kimsminiatures said...

Beautiful Chandelier. I love visiting your blog. Hugs~ Kim

Norma said...

That chandelier is awesome!!

Thanks for passing on Jo's message. Looking forward to seeing her back when she's settled :)

Don't ever under-estimate the inspiration we find here, whether it's La Petite Maison or your many wonderful photgraphs, there are so many lovely things to take in, again and again :)

Liberty Biberty said...

Ahh, we could all do with a little more sparkle in our day!
Your blog is a gem Linda and you are an inspiration!

Bearcabinminiatures said...

Your blog is one of my favourites, Linda and you never fail to inspire. I adore your Petite Maison and wish I was as talented as you. I am looking forward to your new project too. Your chandalier is wonderful, I have a much smaller little piece of sparkle in my hallway :0)
Julia xxx

Flora said...

Dear Linda, Petite Folie has struck again!
Mini hugs, Flora

chateaudelille said...

Lovely chandelier! Will we get to see your new home? I know I will be jealous but then I'll have something to aspire to! Fiona

Town and country planner said...

Hello Linda,

I`m breaking my silence as one of your background followers. I have to admit at being a little envious of your poition being at the stage of finishing details. I wish I was at that point. Last night I fitted a door knob and eschueon plate to one of my Emporium doors, it was a great feeling after all the basic structural work and painting that I have completed so far. Inspiration of course, drawn from your blog along with others.
The chandelier is something I need to think about for my shop. You can see where I am at here.
Sorry it`s not French, but quintessentailly English, like me.

Kindest regards


Lia e Alma said...

Sei bravissima, e il tuo blog e bellissimo, grazie per condividere tutto quanto

miniaturista said...

menuda lampara tan señorial, es preciosa.
Un abrazo

susanne said...

You almost gave me a heart attack when I saw: This is my last....

Im looking in at your blog so often due to your wonderful house, stuff and info. and wouldnt like to miss it out.

Thank you for going on...

Have a wonderful day

Kind regards from Denmark

susanne said...


Your apartment is gergeous, I love it all but especialy the chandelier!!!
WOW, you do have an eye for details both in nomal and small size.
Congratulations on a fine job done!!

Kind regards from Denmark