Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing with ideas....

I'm just sitting here playing with ideas for the next project. It's all happening a little too slow for my liking, (the real house must come first)! But that doesn't stop me day-dreaming, something I have been doing lots of lately. I thought this little arrangement would make a nice photo, it is made-up from items from all across the world. I made the daffodils, there is a much treasured book (at the back) from Catherine, the cheese and fruit platter is from England....I made the mail, but the wonderful little cushion, bird houses, newspaper, novel and the fabulous little travel book (full of photos, letters & tickets) are a gift from Mercedes when she came to visit. It is all going to work so well together that I just can't wait to start.....but I am not known to be a fast worker when it comes to miniatures......of course there is no there???!!!!


Lataina said...

It's all so lovely! I especially love the daffodils and travel book. =)

Patty said...

Linda, It is a wonderful grouping of items! I love the little things that Mercedes made for you!! Too sweet!!

Catherine said...

I have always loved your daffodils. They are so happy.

Mercedes makes such wonderful and unique miniatures. I always like to see what she will think of to make next. That French news paper is great!

No need to tell you what I think of your mini-mail. ;-))

I can't wait to see some drawings of your new project. I suppose that is going to remain a secret until we see walls up.

Susan said...

Very inspiring grouping! The french theme sets me to day dreaming, thankyou :)

sylvia said...

There is no hurry, but we are so curious (LOL)

Beautiful picture, with beautiful items.

Love Sylvia

Evas miniaturerhobby said...

Hvor er det nogle flotte påskeliljer du har lavet!
Jeg er også vild med de små breve!
Har du printet dem ud fra en printside?
Knus Eva

Lia e Alma said...

Gli oggetti sono molto raffinati, aspettiamo di vedere dove li metterai, il tuo buon gusto è unico e il risultato sarà eccellente.

Flora said...

Dear friend, when it comes to miniatures, there is never a hurry!
Haste is bad counselor (I wrote this just yesterday in a post).
Incidentally, you can not work peacefully knowing that the house 1 / 1 is in the air!
But I am sure that soon we will be amazed with the new project :-)
Mini lovely hugs, Flora

Clara said...

Linda, no tengas prisa con la casa, esto es una afición maravillosa que debemos disfrutar cada una a su ritmo. Pero veo que no paras de hacer cosas preciosas para la futura casa y muy muy bien hechas. Los narcisos me han enamorado.
Te doy la bienvenida a mi joven blog y las gracias por seguirme.
Besos Clara

Liberty Biberty said...

Absolutely no need to rush at all! It's a thrill to see my humble offerings with the creations of true artisans.
Keep on daydreaming! I know the end result will be perfection!

Kicki said...

Oh my gosh!!!Such a lovely house you´ve got your Petit Maison!!!I have just begin this hobby and can´t wait until I get my house home and furnitures I ordered.It shall be sooo fun!!!Thank´s for watching!!!I´ll be back.

Christel Jensen said...

Great little spread you have there Linda:) No there is no hurry, but I think I know how you feel as I am in the same process as you, just way behind;) We will all wait for you. No problem:)

Sabiha Barkey said...

No hurry at will work out for you when time is ok!
Very nice little gifts and minies!


Ascension said...

Cuantas cosas has hecho para tu nueva casa, te va a quedar genial!!!
Los narcisos me encantan!!
besitos ascension

MiniLover said...

What a lovely assortment of beautiful objects! I love the date book the best, though--amazing.

Now when are you going to reveal your next project? Or do you like keeping us guessing?


dale said...

It is indeed a lovely collection for inspiration and day dreaming. :)

I'm sure it must be a bit frustrating for you though. I hope you have a little something creative to do. :)

miniacollection said...

Lovely miniatures and they all go so well together. I like the French touch.