Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sorry, I haven't forgotten about you....far from it!! I feel like a bad blogger (a really bad blogger)....but the very last thing I can do after walking Paris all day is to find that final tiny bit of energy to pull myself off the bed and over to the computer. I feel (really) bad, but my thoughts are with you all....if that helps at all??
I hope you enjoy the photos I chose for you tonight.

p.s.....special day planned for tomorrow....I'm very excited!!!


sylvia said...

Great pictures again!!!
Just enjoy your stay in Paris and I understand that you are tired of all the walking in Paris (LOL)
Thank you for the comment at my blog, the surgery went well, just some recovering to do now ( I look like an alien at the moment hihi)
Hufs Sylvia

Lucille said...

Just enjoy your holiday, Linda. You can blog all you want when you get back home. Who would want to be on the computer when in Paris? Not me, anyways!

Ray W said...

Hello Linda!
These are lovely pictures! It is amazing to me to be able to see the wonderful Architecture and sites of Paris. You do an incredible job of choosing and photographing! Thank you, and your are NOT a bad blogger.
I hope you and David are having a splendid time there in Paris.
Kind thoughts from your pal Ray

Catherine said...

Great photos! I love the bicycle it reminds me of a miniature one we talked about long ago.
Oooh you are a tease! I hope you will be able to share some part of the special day you have planned for tomorrow. Surely something that great will include photos.

rosanna said...

Now I am curious !!!
I shall wait till tomorrow night, well let's say till Thursday night, then, if you don't blog, I shall pest you by emails :o)
Yours is the choice :o))
Have fun whatever you are going to do, Rosanna

Bambi said...

When we went overseas many moons ago I took a diary along but only filled in one page! holidaying is great fun but very tiring! as long as you post at least a thousand photos when you arrive home of course lol! bikes, baskets, shutters and flowers, love em all!x

PeanutPepin81 said...

The bicycle picture is great. I have a Phoenix Model kit that I've been trying to figure out (esp. the finish). This picture might be the inspiration I needed for the approach I will take with it. Thank you!

Simon said...

More beautiful pictures, thank you Linda. I do so love reading your newsy Posts. Don't over do it on the walking front - remember... du vin!

Simon x

Norma said...

Lovely photos, beautiful textures and colours.

It's more important that you are enjoying yourself than worrying about us 'out here' - we'll wait you know!

Hope you thoroughly enjoy you special day, whatever it holds.

Georgianna said...

Oh, I DO understand how tiring it can be and you want to keep going to see what's around the next corner.

Enjoy every minute and thank you for your visit!

Diane said...

Your photos are so beautiful and they have made me more determined than ever to visit Paris again sometime soon.

Fi.P said...


The fact that you are blogging at all whilst in Paris in fact means you are a GOOD blogger.

Just enjoy, we can all live vicariously through you when you get back. The photos are beautiful and they do make me want to jump on a plane tomorrow.


Margaret said...

Great architectural shots Linda, especially love those window boxes, even ordinary ivy looks wonderful and like the bike too, I think I need one outside my Petit Parterre. Hope we hear about your special day, but no rush!

miraclechicken said...

Stunning as usual! I love looking---

sherievon said...

Hello Linda, I have just discovered your blog via Zsa Zsa Bellagio and it is beautiful. Your photographs are stunning. I will be returning to Paris in about 18 months having spent just a few days there in 2007. Your blog will keep me happy until then.