Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time to say good-bye....

Our time here in Paris is fast coming to an end, we have had an amazingly wonderful time. We have shared our time here in Paris with so many and that has made our holiday even more special. In some respects the 2 months here seem to have flown by, but when I look back on all my photos we have really covered some ground here and seen and done so, so much! I am actually looking forward to returning home......looking forward to seeing family, looking forward to my own bed (lol!).... but I will look back with many, many wonderful memories.
Thank you to all who made this time in Paris so very special. X
Of course many posts about my time here in Paris will continue to appear over the next few (many) months.....or are you tired of hearing about Paris......I could talk on the subject for!!!!


sylvia said...

Have a save trip home and I am looking forward to see all the pictures

miniacollection said...

It doesn't seem like 2 months. However I can understand that you nonetheless wish to go home. It's great to leave but nice to find your own place back.
Have a safe trip home! And by the way I will never get bored with your beautiful photos of Paris.

rosanna said...

Time flies, doesn't it ? Have a nice, quiet, safe jurney back home. I think we shall criss cross somewhere :o))
Big hugs to you both and thanks for sharing a bit of path with me. Rosanna

rosanna said...

I mean we shall criss cross somewhere in the skies ...

Norma said...

You can be sure we're looking forward to sharing more of your Parisian adventures once you are home. Travel safely!!

Catherine said...

How lovely to be going home with so many memories and I am sure a beautiful record of it in photos. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about it in new posts.

Have a safe trip home. I am sure the girls (& one wagging tail) will be so happy to see you!

Margaret said...

I think two months is a good time to be away, much longer and you would no doubt miss home too much. Can't wait to see some of your goodies when you get home, and your photos which we never tire of, it is Paris after all. Have a safe and easy trip home.

Simon said...

Thanks for all the wonderful photos of your trip. I've been living it through you vicariously.
Safe journey home

Bambi said...

So pleased you've had a wonderful trip but it is always just as wonderful to return home! I've loved all the photos and look forward to more! Terryx

Marie Arden said...

No keep posting about Paris we love the photos and to hear about all that you did there. We'd love to hear about favorite places to eat or stay or which shops you found unique. So glad you had a nice long visit.

Diane said...

I've loved seeing your beautiful photos of Paris so please continue posting them.

Fi.P said...


What beautiful pictures, it's always so hard to face the end of a wonderful holiday.

I'm sure on your return you will delight us with many more pictures of Paris and lots of lovely miniatures no doubt!Can't wait!

ML Fi x

Bleudelavande said...

I'm never tired of hearing about magical Paris!!!!! So I can't wait to see the other pictures!!!!!
Have a nice week.

dalesdreams said...

Ah, you have gotten back there again and for such a long time, lucky you!

It's been so long since I have gotten to peruse your blog and without fail, it is not a disappointment at all!

I wish you safe travels home and hope to see more of your adventures in the future.

I so remember your words to me so long, long ago and I think you are absolutely right!

Be safe :)

iris said...

je suis très contente que
PARIS vous ait plus
il y a tellement à voir
avec ses cafés ,ces petites rues
je ne connais pas
" aux deux écus "
ancienne monnaie de la France
il y a fort longtemps :::
j' adore votre blog
étant passionnée moi-même
de miniatures
à très bientôt
Edith "de Normandie "

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