Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little bit of London....

On our way home from France we experienced a little bit of London. I love London, but it was very busy as it was prior to the start of the Olympic Games and it was hot!!! The Londoners were loving the heat, the day we departed it reached 32C......the hottest day I believe they have had this summer. We had a lovely look about, but it is the English Pubs that I love the most, they always look so inviting from the outside and they don't disappoint once you are inside. Is there anything nicer than 'real' English Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash....with a beer of!!!
For once in my life I was in the right place at the right time, I got to see the Queen!!!! She was leaving Buckingham Palace to go to 'No 10' for lunch.....I was thrilled, I think she's lovely!!!
Since arriving home I have been sorting through many many photos and hope to start doing a few posts about my adventures in Paris, but I have taken sooooo many photos that I have made the task a little difficult for my self.....but soon, hopefully very soon!!!! David estimated that if I post a photo a day I will still be blogging about Paris in 12 years time....true!!!


rosanna said...

Tee hee... I can easily believe David ;o)
London is always a favourite of mine but now SG is runnung shoulder to shoulder wth it.
Must try Australia soon.
Have a nice day ans, please, make a post soon.
Hugs, Rosanna

Linda Carswell said...

Oh yes!!!! Please visit Australia, I know two people who will make you so warmly welcome!!!!

Linda XX

dalesdreams said...

I was going to say how lovely the photos were, but seeing the Queen!

Wow! How fortunate were you! How exciting. :)

maribel said...

Me alegro que disfrutaras de tus días en Londres. Se ven unas fotos preciosas.

Josje said...

I love London. And fish and chips, although maybe not so much when it is 32 degrees ;-)

How wonderful you got to see your Queen!
Good luck sorting through your photos, we'll wait patiently!

Simon said...

Hi Linda
Glad you got home safely.
I love your "pur pictures", you always manage to find the best ones - I think you'll agree with me that there are some pubs you are best avoiding LOL
I live half an hour away from London and thus far have managed to avoid the crowds.
I can't wait to see more of your fabulous pictures and hear their stories.
Take care

Yve said...

Hee hee, well you saw the Queen and got here on one of the very few hot days this summer! I am proud to say I have enjoyed a drink, and probably fish & chips too, in 3 out of 4 of those pubs in my many years living in London before retreating back to the wilds of Wales ;o)

Glad you enjoyed your brief stop off on our Sceptered Isle and looking forward to the 12 years of Paris photos :o)

Norma said...

Gorgeous pics as always, and glad to know that you are safely back on home soil. Looking forward to seeing the 'cream of the crop' of Paris pics :)

Giac said...

Hello Linda,
I have so enjoyed your pictures. Londaon and Paris are uch wonderful inspirational places. I hope you're happy to be back home and are having nice weather.
Big hug,

Catherine said...

Great pictures of London! I love all the exterior shots of quaint English pubs. They offer such promise of what lies within.
I look forward to many more pics of Paris. The Queen, how exciting!!!

Léa said...

I dream of visiting London, old buildings and wonderful parks.
As you know very well capture the essence of what is beautiful, as in Paris, thank you, Linda, for sharing a bit of London. <3

Susan said...

Welcome home and thankyou for sharing your beautiful photos!

Fi.P said...

HaHa, it's so easy to take so many photos these days with digital. Remember how we used to be so precious with film.

I love the London photos, they really capture the feel. Back to freezing cold Australia now, I must admit I'm getting sick of the winter. Bring on spring!!

Great to have you back!

Fi x

Bambi said...

Great photos! we never did get to enjoy the inside of an English Pub when we were in London, what a shame.. I love the Queen and think she has a beautiful smile - glad you got to see her - I did when she was in Adelaide many years ago! glad you're home safe Linda!x

vicki archer said...

I adore London too Linda... it is an acquired taste... but once you have it, impossible to shake... Safe voyage home and I am so happy that you have had such a marvellous time... xv