Friday, January 18, 2013

Can you believe...?

Can you believe that my mother has never seen my doll house....yes, it is true! She has of course seen many photos of it, but has never seen it in the to speak. My mother is elderly and lives many hours drive from me, but I finally convinced her to visit us this Christmas. We had a lovely time, she spent a week here with us and we occupied most of one afternoon looking at the "Petite Maison" and my miniature collection. She was amazed at the many wonderful items I have collected from all around the world and I loved telling her about the lovely miniaturists that I have had the pleasure to meet and those that I still long to meet. She could not believe how clever you all are!!! There are far too many favorite items that she loved to mention each artist, but rest assured I told her all about each of you.
She loved my house and was totally blown away when I turned on the lights.....she kept saying, "I don't know where you get your patience from Linda".....looking back I wonder the same thing!
I have included a few photos of some new purchases...isn't the detail on the little night dress so sweet and the adorable little bowl of cherries was made by the wonderfully talented Teresa Martinez. Enjoy x


Catherine said...

How exciting to see a new post from you about miniatures. If someone had just shown me the pictures of all your beautiful new pieces, I would have known exactly who they belonged to. You have your own style that is unmistakable. No one could ever copy it!

I can only imagine how much your mother loved seeing your beautiful house and everything you have collected inside it. :-)) What fun you must have had showing it to her.

Lucille said...

It must have been such a wonderful experience for you to introduce your mother to the "Petite Maison"! I can just imagine the wonderful time the two of you must have shared!

Jackie said...

Your dollhouse is incredible! :D I love that white grand piano! I'm so glad your mother finally got to see it up close and in person!!


miraclechicken said...

Your mother must be thrilled! It is SO beautiful, so inspiring.

minwks said...

Dear Linda,
So nice to see a post from you. It must have been a nice time to share your enthusiasm and treasures with your Mother.

I am sure she appreciated seeing the real thing at last.

All the best for the New Year.
Regards Janine

Catherine said...

Quelle merveilleuse " caverne d Ali baba "
Il y a tout ce qu il faut pour retrouver son âme d enfant .
Quand commencez vous votre nouveau projet ?
Je vous embrasse .

rosanna said...

Dearest Linda,nice to see you and Iam so glad that you spent quality time with your mum.It must have been truly mindblowing for her to see all your lovelies,it would be for anybody.
I wish you a wonderful evening and all the best.
I have some news but I'll mail to you :o)

Bambi said...

I'm so pleased your mum has seen your miniature house - she would have been so very proud of your expertise - ie all the floor tiles to start with! Glad I check your blog every day...just in case! Glad you had a lovely Christmas Linda x

Giac said...

Hello Linda,
I'm glad your mother finally got to see La Petite Folie. I can iamgine her reaction. Not only are dollhouses impressive, but yours are even more so beacuse your work really is museum calibre.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

Your mother will be impressed.
Your house is fabulous.
Bye Faby

maribel said...

Tu madre es increible y tu casa es maravillosa.

Ana said...

The house is beautiful, as is everything in it! and I'm glad you've been able to enjoy with your mother

Marian said...

Espero que pasaseis una felices fiestas y que tu madre regrese en las próximas.

sandi quance said...

How lovely to see a new post from you!!! It is wonderful that your mom can see your beautiful house, in person, at last. I love all your new treasures...every one is perfect.

DollMum said...

I love how realistic and tasty that bread looks.
How super to finally be able to share your wonderful house with your mother, and have some really good time showing her all the treasures.

Fi.P said...

How wonderful your mother got to see the Petite Maison at must have been a thrill, so many treasures to behold!

Your new purchases are as beautiful as ever!

It's good to see you in the blog sphere again.

ML Fi x

miniacollection said...

I'm so happy you and your mother could be together at Christmas and that she could admire your dollhouse. Your new purchases are wonderful, real treasures. you've got a great talent to discover exceptional minatures.

marlies said...

Lovely pictures again, can imagine your mother admired your house and miniatures. They are all so beautiful! Hope you had a great time together on the holydays. Are you working on the new project ?
* marlies

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Linda, I'm not strange that his mother be happy with your home, your house is gorgeous, has true wonders, and you have a gift for magic and take pictures.