Saturday, February 7, 2015

6 years and counting....

As of yesterday I have been blogging for 6 years.....and what a fabulous 6 years it has been!! Who would have thought I would have made so many great friends in that time, some I have been lucky enough to meet not just here in Australia, but also overseas in France, Italy and England.....and some that I still long to meet!!! I have had many memorable trips to Paris in the last 6 years, going to SIMP and Kensington Miniature Fairs.....seeing the work of miniaturists that I have admired for years but only from afar. We have had a few ups and downs, a few health issues etc ( but no-one escapes those).....but I have seen two daughters married and have been presented with 3 adorable so fresh that it is not yet 2 weeks old. I look forward to more trips away, (more grandchildren??)  taking more photographs of wonderful destinations, working on my very slow moving miniature project......and posting images of my beloved Paris. Having said that, I hope you enjoy the photos I have posted today.....and I do ponder the question of what might the next 6 plus years have in store for us......I wonder if they will be as busy as the past 6....let's wait and see!

p.s .....I must brag, as I write this I am sitting on my front balcony and we are enjoying a most beautiful summers day here in Hobart......(but I bet it is also great where you are?).


DollMum said...

Happy Blogging anniversary and thank you for sharing all your wonderful photographs and miniatures. Congratulations on your new grandchild.
Best wishes

Catherine said...

You blog was the first one I found when my interest in miniatures was rekindled. I adored reading about and watching you create Petit Maison. Subsequently, your blog inspired me to start mine and start making miniatures again. I am not alone... You have inspired many in blogland.

Happy Blog Birthday Linda! Congratulations on the new baby. :-)

miniacollection said...

Happy anniversary to your blog! It's always a pleasure when there is a new post with your beautiful photos.
Three grandchildren now! you are a blessed grandmother.
I'm looking forward to seeing your next post and to meeting you again one day.

Daydreamer said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Like the others, I have adored following your blog since I discovered Blogland! Your photos of Paris are A treat every time... and watching you create your Amazing miniatures is a lesson in perseverance, perfection and beauty! I admire your creations and hope to learn to make it all myself someday! Here's hoping for many more happy blog years... and perhaps even more grandchildren too!

miniaturista said...

Feliz aniversario.
Un abrazo

miniaturista said...

Esos caminos de la vida con preciosos recuerdos es lo que vale, no importa donde estemos solo que deseemos ser felices y hacer felices a los nuestros.
Felicidades por ese nuevo nieto..yo dosfruto de uno de 9 meses y me hace muy feliz.
Un fuerte abrazo y que pueda seguir viendo preciosas fotos de los viajes y buenas llega uno de esos momentos que no sea tan bueno aqui estaré para apoyar.

Steinworks said...

Happy blog bd, it snowing here but where I live its really quite beautiful. The only downside is the snow

lilac and old roses said...

Happy blog Aniversary! I adore all your pictures of Paris.
Congratulations on being Grandparents for the third time.
We are having very sharp frosts and beautiful sunny but cold days here at the moment, Jane x

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

¡Feliz aniversario!

miraclechicken said...

Happy blog-iversary! Here's to the next six. I enjoy coming here and seeing your pictures of Paris and of course the minis.
Actually for February in Ohio, it was warm and spring-like today go figure :)

Simon said...

Congratulations on your 6th year anniversary, Linda. I've loved watching your projects progress, hear your family updates, and of course, sighed over your beautiful photographs.
Here's to the next 6...
Best wishes
Si x

Susanne said...

Congratulations on this special day, Linda! Yes, a lot have been happening since, in the miniature world as well as in our real lifes. I was so happy when I found your blog and have been enjoying your blog posts from Paris and from your miniature living too. Hugs, Susanne

Elizabeth S said...

A very happy Blog Birthday, Linda and Congratulations on your newest grandbaby, too!


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