Monday, March 16, 2009

I've got Versailles on my mind....

It's photos like these that I draw a little bit of inspiration from....of course the beautiful chandeliers....
I love wall paneling, images like this is what I sit and study, I like the detail and the elegance.

Of course the colour scheme is a big inspiration, I love the creamy white wall with the contrast of the gold pictures frames, plus pretty little crystal wall sconces.

The French have a lovely balance in their decorating style, cetain details have to be retained to give that "french feel".

Then...beautiful ceiling detail and ofcourse another crystal chandelier...


Debbie said...

Fabulous Photographs. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Debbie said...

Linda, I found this blog that may interest you.

* Renee * said...

Thanks for taking me there.

rute said...

Hello, Linda. I've got a award for you in my blog.

Jean Day said...

These photos are so inspiring, thank you so much for sharing what inspires you!
Mini Hugs, Jean

Sabiha Barkey said...

Dear Linda,

I just love you're blog,everything you make is so beautiful...and I adore you're house and miniatures!

Today I started my own blogspot,it is not that much yet,but if you want to take a visit, you're welcome!

I have also a Dutch blog;

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful things you showing us!

Sabiha Barkey

synnøve said...

Hello Linda,
Your miniatures and work is some of the most beautiful things I have seen. And I have seen a lot, traveling around the world photographing miniatures at fairs. I wish I still was doing my magazine, I would have loved to show your work to my readers.
I have given you an award, please pick it up at my blog:-)
Regards, Synnøve

Linda Carswell said...

Hello Synnove,

Your comments are a huge compliment, thank you!!!
I love what I do and I only hope that shows through...I have spent a terrible lot of time on my house and get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Kindess Regards,

MARILLUM said...

Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones, ha sido un placer poder admirar tus trabajos, son fabulosos. Un saludo
Marillum , Spaim

Leo Furtado said...


Parabéns pelo belo trabalho, talento e excelente bom gosto. Visitar seu site é sem dúvida ter acesso a inspiração!
Leo Furtado