Monday, June 22, 2009

Parc de Monceau....

This is the absolutely beautiful C1770 'Parc de Monceau', it is a large park (..basicly in the centre of Paris..) but relatively untouched by tourists....seems a popular destination by the locals for lunch.
My photos manly show the amazing buildings which surround the park, the detail on these buildings are devine and as always the roses were at their 'very best'!!
We made several visits here during our 8 weeks in Paris....and needless to say, when next in Paris I'm sure this will be a definate destination!!
"Parc de Monceau" 58. Blvd de Courcelles 75008 Paris.
metro: Monceau


FrenchBlue said...

Beautiful~ I will put it in my book now for my next trip to Paris~ I wish it was sooner than later:(

MiniMadWoman said...

Beautiful architecture and those roses are divine! It looks like a beautiful place to site and have lunch!

Thanks for sharing, Linda!


Debbie said...

Beautiful Roses and architecture. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us..

Bonjour Madame said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I would love to see this in person!

Vane said...

Really really nice blog! Im making a miniature patisserie inspired in those I saw last summer in Paris. I love Paris, and I use to go once a year since is too close to Madrid where I live.

I´ve added your blog to my blog´s links, hope you dont mind.

Hugs from Madrid.


dora said...

Preciosa arquitectura. Me encanta, bueno todas las fotografias que pone usted, son maravillosas para la vista.

vicki archer said...

Exquisite, the most beautiful park....xv

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

The pictures are beautiful! I love this parc too, it's very special and once inside you feel miles away from the outside world. There is a very nice song by Yves Duteil about this parc, have you heard it?

KINHA said...

I visited Paris, last month, but I don't know where the Parc Monceau is.I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.Would you follow me, because I don't want to lost your blog.I’m wating your visit.