Friday, July 24, 2009

Inspiration or Frustration....?

....scrap book, ideas book, reference book, call them what you will..."inspiration" is possibly my best description.
I am the keeper of 5 different books! One holds all the photos of 'inspiration', rooms to try and copy, from the whole room to perhaps just a tiny detail in the corner.
The next is my 'contacts', addresses, web-sites, blogs, emails and all the 'goodies' that these people make...(yes, you are probably in there)...You can tell that I don't trust my computer to look after all of this info. for me!!
Another holds all the pictures of inspiration (some taken in Paris) used to make my 'petite maison', my plans, parquet flooring designs, wall panelling drawings etc.etc..and photos of my progress. See...still no faith in my computer to do this!!
As soon as inspiration is getting low or an idea is not coming to me as quickly as I would like...out comes my books...(sometimes I don't leave home without them!!) I have been adding to these books for about 5-6 years,...and still adding!!!
I have just started book N0 5...but at the moment...well, that's a 'secret'.
I am rather 'strict' about what does go into these books...nothing that I know I will 'never' be able to do/make, as that would be just far too ...frustrating!!!

Now!....where do you 'keep', 'get' or 'find' your inspiration....?


Lena said...

I think Your books are fantastic! They will be a lovely memory for you about ten years or so...
I used to sample pictures for inspirations for my housedecorate ,but that was before I hade a computor and also before I started to collect dollhouses!
Now I have at lot of inspirationpictures that I save in my computer from internet(magazins and all lovely bloggers!)
I´ll think You should keep going to use your books, and I would love to reed them!


Bonjour Madame said...

If it's written word, I copy and paste it to a document in my computer. If it's a magazine photo, I tear it out and file it. If it's something that really speaks to me, I put it on my inspiration board in my closet. I also bookmark a ton of websites and blogs to visit regularly. Your books are so nice and neat. I like that idea.

vicki archer said...

Believe it or not...all in my head. I rarely write things down or bookmark them, if I do I forget where they are or why I kept them! I do have a mess on my desk and around it a collection of things - photographs, tear sheets or cards - that inspire or interest me, and I change them when the mood strikes. Your books are so beautiful and perfect - just like your dolls house, xv.

Claudia said...

You inspire me! That is the sort of thing I aspire to - I will get a book with the best of intentions and then never really follow through. I tend to be more haphazard. I would like to be more organized and I'm going to use your post as a jumping off point.

Susanna said...

Your books are treasures.
I have my info mostly on my computer... backed up daily :)
This means that when I'm ready to do something, I'll print out the inspiration so I can have it in front of me.

Josje said...

What a coincidence! I was going to do my next post on my little black book ;) Not entirely an inspiration book, although I do keep pictures in there that inspire me, but more a record of how I decorate my dolls house.
I have so many beautiful pictures to inspire me now, all downloaded from the internet, and kept on my computer. If it crashes, the pictures will be gone!
I do like your books, somehow I always like to flip through books more than to browse my computer.

Linda Carswell said...

I enjoy my little books, they give me a lot of pleasure and while I have a lap-top computer, my books are very portable, their battery never goes flat, and yes when my last computer 'died' I lost a lot of information (luckily I saved my photos!!) so I think of them as 'back-up' as well.
Of course I wouldn't be without my computer...just don't tell my books!

rosanna said...

I have 4 books plentiful of pictures taken from mags. The sad thing is that most often I tend to forget them and I trust more what comes to my head. But at evening when I want to day dream a bit I take them and scroll through their pages. It's so relaxing when you can look at beauty even if it's only a perfect lamp or set of dishes.

Christel Jensen said...

It really is a good idea. I have planned on doing this too. Especially with old magazines as they tend to pile up. I mainly collect on my computer, but it is more "real and relaxing" flipping through a book. Yours looks perfect, like everything else you do Linda:) Hugs.

manon 21 said...

j'aime beaucoup faire des petits cahiers,mais j'ai aussi plein de documents bien rangés dans mon ordi!!!
bonne journée


Sabiha Barkey said...

Dear Linda,I have a little leather book and in the leather is printed: MY BEST IDEAS. I collect my inspiration all around me and keep the little book always close to me...if I see something (inspiration) I don't want to forget,I immediately wright myself a note,haha!I like your blog about this item and I also will show my book in a blog.

Linda,I also asked Lisette if she was planning to make a kit for the
little kitchen step...she told me she was working on it and was planning to sell them...I keep you up with the info,ok?


Texas Belle said...

Wow - that is a level of organization to which I can't even aspire! These look beautiful and are works of art in themselves. My designs are just scribbled in a graph paper book with a bunch of papers and clippings stuffed in here and there, lol!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi. I love following your blog and everything you are busy making.
In this photo you are showing someones phone and address details.
I once did this on my blog by mistake. Maybe it is not a mistake but wanted to tell you incase you need to cover the info.
Nikki x