Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paris Fashion....for children

Children's clothing in Paris is amazing!! It always brings me to a stand still when I see these beautiful clothes in the shop window....but luckily that is not the only place you see these works of art, they actually do make it to the streets of Paris, as the children there would have to be the best dressed children I have ever seen! We all know that the French have that 'flair' when it comes to is so obvious that it starts at an early age.


rosanna said...

Aren't they lovely? I used to dress Matteo in this fashion when he was a child. There is a shop in Genoa where you can buy made to measure clothes for children. He had the most beautiful sets of clothes with matching shirts and jumpers and knee lenght trousers. He looked like a doll. Actually I had all his collars embroidered in all the colours you can think.When he was 5 he told me: " Mum, I'm the only one at school with short trousers!" It was true and I had to give up...

kimsminiatures said...

So lovely. I wish my kids could have dressed like this when they were little but they did all right. Now its all up to them. I miss the days when I got to decide.

The Carolina Quilter said...

My children dressed like this on Sunday's as, being from the south and having begun my sewing career smockingm, hand embroidering and heirloom sewing, I made their nicer 'church clothes'. I bought patterns from The Childrens Corner and Martha Pullen and still have them put away. I made each of them custom christening gowns with yards of European laces, hand embroidery and soft cotton fabrics.

Now that they are 19, 17 and 10 and I've moved on to quilting, we shop at Walmart, the mall and Old Navy.


à la parisienne said...

Thank you for this post. I just love the clean style Parisians make for their little ones. Here in America it seems like clothing companies always want to add cartoon characters on everything! Yuck! I prefer the simple white dress or the simple blue sweater as you've pictured in this post!
Have a blessed day!

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, too beautiful! I smocked beautiful clothes for Noah as a baby but have never smocked anything for Liberty!

le banc moussu said...

not much concerned but very nice anyway
a bientôt

MiniMadWoman said...

Oh, what pretty outfits! How could anyone bear to dress their kiddies in these clothes and let them out to play! I'd have to sit and cry! LOL!!

I love the little blue sweater outfit . . . I can just picture a handsome little boy!

Thanks for sharing!