Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's all about the detail....

I have always said....."it's all about the detail".... I love all the tiny details that make a house a home. The items that you really have to look for, that ones that you don't see at first glance....the hidden treasures.
I have just a couple of my hidden treasures here. The cork screw and paint brushes I bought from SIMP in Paris in 2008.....the tiny tiny cotton reel I bought at "Poupee Tendresse" amazing little dolls house shop in Paris. The crystal wine glass is one of a set of four, which I bought while recently in New York.....and the tiny tiny clothes pegs...(that really work)...I bought at miniture shop in Bath, England.

....these little pegs are amazing, they are so small but they have a spring and really work, I have no idea who made them or how they made them....but they were one of those things that you 'had to have' and you knew you would find a use day!


Reiko said...

You are right it is all about the details and who could be more qualified to say so than you. I can only wish that the tiny clothes pegs where to be found in Denmark. :-)

rosanna said...

You are only right. The pegs are amazing, I would have donethe same, buy them immediately. Mini hugs Rosanna

maria cecilia said...

So lovely hidden treasures... I´ll show mine too someday... thanks for the idea.
Muchos cariños
maria cecilia

Liberty Biberty said...

Yes, the pegs are amazing but I LOVE that little bundle of letters with the perfectly tied bow, just gorgeous Linda!
All your little details are awesome Linda!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Such wonderful mini treasures you have, Linda! Those clothespins are awesome.

Years ago I purchased some diaper pins that actually opened and closed and pacifiers that had the tineest rubber nipple. I no longer have those as I put them in a nursery scene for a girlfriend of mine . . . .


linsminis said...

The clothes pegs are fantastic Linda! Was it at Caroline Neville in Bath that you bought them? If so, you'll be sad to know that she is no longer there! Bath is my most favourite city..2 of my daughters were at Uni there, so I know it well! Mini hugs, Linda

Linda Carswell said...

Hi Linda...I thought Caroline Neville must have closed as I couldn't find her on the web any longer. I went there...bought a few things of course...but the pegs I bought from a shop on...and excuse me if I get this wrong...Putney Bridge...there is a shop there and upstairs they have miniatures....must add that the pegs were rather cheap, I remeber them being under 2GBP....bargain!!

Regards, Linda

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

I agree completely! It's all about the details!
The clothes pegs are amazing!

Pei Li

Patricia Cabrera said...

You must use twizzers to make them work ,no? Darling!

Susanna said...

Aaaahhh.. the shop on the bridge, wasn't it lovely?
I was there a couple years back when following along my then 6th graders' camp school trip. We made a mad dash from the Roman baths to the bridge and had only 15 minutes to spare in that shop. It was torture... I could have spent two hours in there!
Pulteney Bridge I think it was...

dales_dreams said...

I absolutely agree with you that it is all about the details. :)

Where is the shop in Paris that mention? I hope to return in the spring and would love to check it out. :)

Linda Carswell said...

Hello Dale,
The address of the shop in Paris is:

Poupee Tendresse
9, rue Poussin
75016 Paris

..the owner is Ingeborg Riesser

..check opening hours as she is only open 2 days a week and limited hours...but well worth the visit.


dales_dreams said...

Linda, thank you so much! I have made notes of it for the future. :)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Your detail always amazes and inspires me. I don't often comment, buy I always read your posts and I felt for you when your photos were copied onto someone else's blog. We have had a problem with someone copying our houses this week and then selling them on Ebay, it is so frustrating. Anyway, back to your house, it is wonderful and I wish I had your vision. I think the crystal glasses are wonderful.

Have a great day, Julia x

Linda Carswell said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Julia, sorry to hear that your work is being copied. I guess we blog to inspire and to be inspired, but not to copy or be copied...I find it hard to be flattered too much by this as I am sure you feel the same. I love to see new ideas and projects, not a repeat of something I have done. I shall keep blogging as I love it and the wonderful people I have contact with, but like you shall probably be a little more guarded with what we do blog....sad really, isn't it!
Regards, Linda

synnøve said...

Oh yes the details are important.... and you have such a nose for them, and you know how to find them!!!!

That´s why I am so exited (amongst others) to visit the Kensington fair with Christel! For the first time I am not working at a fair... running like a mad between the vendors trying to find interesting things to feature in the magazine, and taking care of my own magazine stand...puhhh.

Keep up posting details:D

Anneke said...

Hi Linda,
I'm so sorry to hear this copying is going on, and that it's ruining the fun we all have blogging and reading eachothers blogs :(
I always enjoy reading your blog and I'm very happy to hear you'll keep doing it!

I think I know who the maker is, of the corkscrew, the pencils, the cloth pins and the pencil..
Dieter Dorsch, a German man(or company?). He also made the broom I saw you have in your kitchen! (I have that same broom but in a different color, and also a brush and brush, I'll post pictures of it later on my blog)He makes the most beautyfull things, also wonderfull glassworks.

I always love seeing your pictures, indeed, because they are so full of wonderfull details! So dreamy and inspiring!!


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

those pegs are amazing!
It reminds be of the work of a german miniaturist who did working scissor that I own. Of course I can't recall who that guy is nor where his website is...
If I find it I'll share it with you, his work is a delight.

Here's a photo of the mini scissor:


kimsminiatures said...

Yes It is all about the detail. You have such wonderful taste in miniatures. I have some of those tiny clothes pins myself. I put some little mail in mine and clipped it to the mailbox on my beach house. I was playing with the wonderful mail you sent me. I will taking pictures to show soon. Thank you again. hugs~ Kim

vicki archer said...

Love the detail...and you are the master Linda with your wonderful creation...xv

normabennett said...

I have just found your wonderful blog, Linda. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing photos, and like the others who have posted here I am so sorry that your generosity has been taken advantage of. I was taken with the pegs too and delighted to have the clue of the shop on Pulteney Bridge, Bath. A google search turned up their website and they stock the little clothes pegs and the artists brushes.

Norma (in Sydney, Australia)

MiniLover said...

There is another German by the name of Matthias Matthes who sells at shows in the US. His things are also available on this website:
He makes the clothes pins and all kinds of other neat stuff for the kitchen like bottle brushes, etc.

cockerina said...

Hello Linda, I'm happy for you!
these things are cute!
but the clips are too funny ... how long they are?

a kiss for you, Caterina

cockerina said...

Here they are! I found them!

bye, Caterina

Sabiha Barkey said...

I love your hidden treasures...I have also treasures hidden in boxes,for some day to put them in there place.... I also love your macarons,they look delicious!

Jean Day said...

Amazing pegs!!!!