Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts in the mail....

I have been blessed to have recieved a most amazing gift from Christel Jensen. Christel emailed saying she would send me a box of her wonderful macarons, well....double the pleasure.... two boxes arrived and words cannot properly describe how much I love them. The detail is amazing, not just the macarons but the beautiful little boxes also.
Thank you so much Christel, your work never ceases to amaze me!
I hold a special 'bond' with Christel, as it was she who encouraged me to start a blog....I truely never thought any-one would be interested in seeing my 'petite maison'....she convinced me otherwise....thank you. x

Now if one gift wasn't enough, I recieved these wonderful books from Norma Bennet. Norma is a recent 'follower' and is also from Australia, she doesn't have a blog but I see that she is following several of you as well.
If you have Norma did....these are some of my all-time favorite books! All the books have their own covers as well as their own 'dust covers' and front pages, plus Norman has signed and dated each one.
"My French Life" by the wonderful Vicki Archer has an open page which shows Vicki's house in Provence and a post card as a book mark.

A wonderful gift Norma, thank you so very much.
Linda x


Liberty Biberty said...

Well whose a lucky girl!
Aren't Christel's macaroons just the tiniest things?!
Those books are just beautiful, I love the postcard inside!

Vane said...

wow, lucky you! those are wonderfull gifts indeed!. Hope you are recoverting well of your back, I have a problem at the L5S1 disk and makes me so depressed by pain from time to time. Take care.

sylvia said...

You lucky one! I love the work of Christel, it is amazing her work!
The books are also beautiful!!

Hugs Sylvia

rosanna said...

Oh, so lovely !!!! I love everything and I'm so glad you had it. It's better than a pill to cheer you up, isn't it? Have a nice day, hugs Rosanna

Obsidian Hall said...

Amazing and pretty pretty gifts...

As a new follower...I have to say I´m stunned af all the tiny and very beautiful thing people are making... :0)

vicki archer said...

I am so happy you love the books Linda...Norma is one very clever girl. Keep getting better quickly, xv.

Debbie said...

Beautiful little treasures you received Linda. I hope you are recovering well...xx

Arantxa said...

Hi Linda!!

Your gifts so beautiful!!!
I like so much!

Take care


Josje said...

Wow, lovely gifts. Hope your back is feeling a little better!

miniacollection said...

You must be very proud to have received these gifts. They are just wonderful.

Norma said...

Christel's macaroons are so wonderful! Something to eat as well as something to read :) I'm so happy to have been able to do a little 'something' for you.

I just started my own blog a few days ago, but I'm still working out how to do it all! And I think maybe I need a different (customized) template, but it's a start at least. It's @ - call by if you are up to it but not much there yet cos I've had a frustrating time trying to photograph stuff - with nothing postable to show for it! I need you out of that bed and up here to teach me how to take mini photos! :)

Take care x

Ingrid Mida said...

You are one lucky girl. I loved Vicki Archer's first book "My French Life" and am anxiously awaiting for the publication of "French Essence" in North America.

Janne said...

Lucky you,Christel`s macaroons are so wonderful.

Christel Jensen said...

Linda I am so glad you started blogging and so are everybody else. Your house and miniatures are amazing. So are you. Thank you for taking such a lovely picture:)

Linda Carswell said...

Dear Christel, how would it be possible to take a bad photo of your work...they truely are amazing!
Norman, so happy to see you in blogland, is a wonderful place to be!
Ingrid, I can tell you now, Vicki's second book is certainly worth the is wonderful!
Dearest Rosanna, these little gift have certainly put a smile to my face as I an sure you can well imagine....the very best medicine!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, I seem to have one good day, then one not so good...and on it goes...
Regards to all, Linda x

Sabiha Barkey said...

It is always nice to receive gifts,when you are not feeling that makes your day!
These are lovely gifts Linda,have fun with it!


MiniMadWoman said...

Oh, Linda! Good grief! I'm just now catching up with you and can't believe you broke your back! My heart goes out to you . . . I had back surgery about 10 years ago, what an ordeal! I'm fine now, but just thinking about what you went through is causing me to have sympathy pain! LOL! I do hope you're on the mend and will be back to yourself very soon!

You have received some pretty wonderful gifts . . . those macaroons are to die for! And I'm loving your little dressing room . . . it's looking very pretty!

I wanted to thank you too, for visiting my blog and leaving birthday wishes! You're so sweet! And don't think I've forgotten it's your birthday this month too . . . I may have missed it but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Next year we really have to do it up . . . you KNOW what I mean! LOL!

Sending you lots of love and hugs . . . take care,

lilidebretagne said...

Hello dear Linda,
Your presents are just a wonderful treasure !!!
Look at this so cute macaroons !!!
Have a good day,

cockerina said...

Hello Linda, I went to see how you are ....
okay?? I embrace you, have a good day!

Septembre said...

you are very lucky, everything is lovely

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marlies said...

Lovely gifts, and Christel was right,right?
* marlies