Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Gift from Mercedes....

....on Christmas Eve I recieved this lovely gift from Mercedes....isn't it beautiful!! It is all hand made by Mercedes herself...... the little face is so delightful! She is dressed in 'silk' & if that wasn't special enough, the fabric is from Mercedes very own 'wedding dress'..... now how 'special' is that!!!!

I have placed her in the 'little girl's bedroom'....I think she fits in perfectly there.
Thank You Mercedes, it is such a beautiful gift.....I love her!!! Linda x
~I have had a fabulous Christmas is so many ways.....but to 'top it off' on Boxing Day morning I had a very unexpected telephone call......all the way from Italy!!!!....... Yes, it was Rosanna, I was thrilled and a little 'shocked', (I hope I made sence in what I said...) it was wonderful to put a voice to the picture on my computer lets just hope that we can meet in 2010.
Thank You Rosanna!!~
p.s.....last, but certainly not least....I want to wish Mercedes a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" for tomorrow (28th Dec), may she have a lovely day with family and friends.....I shall be thinking of you......x


Liberty Biberty said...

Glad your little doll arrived in time for Christmas Linda. It is a great honour to have her there in the Petit Maison.
Thank you for the birthday wishes! It'll be yet another day of food, friends and family!

rosanna said...

It has been my pleasure ! I was a bit worried that we might not understand each other, I have not many occasions to practise my English... The doll is lovely, I love mine too ! Have a great day Rosanna

maría cecilia said...

Linda, I took me some time to realize it was not a little girl real bedroom but a doll miniature bedroom... how great!!!! It´s really, really wonderful, and the doll you receive from Mercedes is beautiful!
Muchos cariños,
María Cecilia

cockerina said...

oh how wonderful! is very beautiful, Mercedes is really very good! lucky you, who got her a gift ... The doll is enchanting in the room!

Barbara Jean said...

Lovely gift.


barbara jean

Norma said...

So cute and perfect for her new home :)

Bryndís said...

So lovely gift :) She fits perfectly in the little girl room. Have a nice day :)

Arantxa said...

Linda. Congratulations!1

it's a lovely doll.

Happy Chritmas and Happy NewYear 2010


miniacollection said...

It is really a beautiful little doll. You must be delighted with it. Mercedes always has very good taste.

marlies said...

What a lovely gift, the doll is so beautiful!
* marlies

Ascension said...

So lovely gift, the doll is encahnting in the room!!!!!!
Happy New year to you and your family.
besitos ascension

mivionnet said...

Ooohhh! It's beautiful!
A charming detail to this room!
I love the finish of the doll and the box!