Friday, February 5, 2010

Attic Details....

As promised, here are some of the details used in the attic. These are all the bits and pieces I uses to construct the actual room....wall panelling, flooring, skirting boards, edging for panels and ofcourse a floor rug....this rug I didn't use in the finish, I went for a softer colour.

This corner of the attic shows well the finished wall panelling. The wardrobe I bought in Paris, it is only a cheaper miniature but it painted-up really well. The little table is a kit and holds some wonderful items sent to me from Mercedes....thank you again!

In the other corner is another table made from a kit...I love kits!!! This table hold a little sail boat, the hull I carved from bulsa wood and the sails are tea dyed hankerchief linen. The carpet is one I made ages ago, it was just laying about so I rolled it up and popped it in the corner....I think it works there? The 3 tier plant stand is a piece I love, it was a horrid dark green when I bought it, but a couple of coats of paint and a little bit of 'aging' and I now love it all the more!

I bought the wonderful little 'darning mushroom' in a piece made by English miniaturist David Edwards, the handle separates from the main body and hold the sewing needles of which there are two....I love this piece.....notice I bought the one with the thread in the colours of France. I made the little 'Sajou' patterns.

The side table holds a magazine made by the wonderful Rosanna.....I love so much that the 'petite maison' holds items made by new friends....

Now.....the crown, this was a gift from my sister many years ago....for christmas if I remember correctly! It is a piece I wanted to use, but found it hard to place in any of the other rooms, so it now sits happily in the attic....perhaps it was used for a fancy dress party or something??.....that's the good thing about miniatures, you can come up with any story you like in your head.

These are a recent purchase and yes!!! I love them. These are made by Grace from ..... they all have real pages and if you 'click' on the photo and enlarge the image you will see the fabulous titles.....I adore the aged look of the books, there is only one problem with these......Grace has sooooo many titles to choose from that I will have to go back and buy more!!!

....lastly, my little cotton reel on the floor. When I was trying to put the threads on the table....'so much easier said than done' fell onto the rug and I liked how it looked, so I decided to leave it there.
..Yes! One wonderful year of blogging and getting to know so many of you, finding wonderful links to some amazing miniatures and generally having a fabulous time blogging about what I love to 'Petite Maison'......~thank you for being a part of it~ Linda x


Claudia said...

Happy Blogiversary, Linda! Thank you for sharing details of your attic. How did you make the paneling? Did you buy it in a finished piece or make each individual board and piece it together? I love the crown and the books.


dale said...

Happy blog anniversary!

Thank you for sharing all of the details of the attic. I love the three tiered plant stand! The books are amazing!

But, I think the crown is my favorite! Everyone should have a crown in the attic! :)

Liberty Biberty said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Linda!
Thanks for the detailed look around the beautiful attic, I'm honoured to have some of my humble wares in there. The rug looks great in the corner and I love the little houses.
It's been great getting to know you and see all your fabulous posts over the past year and watch with complete awe the construction and decoration of your Petite Maison.

Kathi said...

Happy Anniversary Linda! Your attic is such a treat to see. I LOVE your sailboat! The details are amazing!
Thanks for the tour. I am so happy that you are blogging and sharing your beautiful house with us. Every room is delight!

synnøve said...

Happy anniversary!
I am always so exited when your blog name appears on top of the list; what is she showing us this time! Every post is such a delight, filled with beautiful items placed with a great sense of style and elegance!
It has indeed been a wonderful year for us too!
The details in the loft are exquisite, as always.
Thank you Linda.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary. The attic is exquisitely beautiful as are all of your creations. Thank you for the tour and detailing some of the special items from friends.

By the way, as I tend to be a sporadic blogger as life and family issues intervenes, I have just changed the name of my blog from Mini Leaps and Bounds to Peach Blossom Hill. I am such an amateur compared to you and others of our blogging community but I hope you'll find time to check in with me sometime.


MiniLover said...

Linda, I just love the way you have arranged all the wonderful pieces in this room! Well done. I wish my real attic looked this good :)

Eva said...

Congrarf for the anniversary!
The attic is so beautiful.

rosanna said...

Buon Compliblog Linda. I'm so happy I've come to know you. I always love the eyecandies you present us. And your are a goal for me, you have taught me how important precision and attention is when it comes to details.I've learned to work sloer but more effectively. Thank you for everythin Rosanna

Nijola said...

Very nice attic.
Everything looks so realistic.
Your wonderful works.
Greetings to you:)

miniacollection said...

Wonderful photos. It's great to see all the details, in your last post I hadn't seen the rolled carpet, the beautiful needlework scissors, the Sajou patterns (I have real ones from my grandmother) just to talk about a few, because there would be so many things to write about. I enjoyed the information about the various miniatures. Thank you Linda.
Happy blog birthday.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

O.K., I want your stuff!!!! WHERE DO YOU FIND ALL THIS? Sorry, I am just enthusiastic about your world! Anita

Tabitha Corsica said...

Linda, when I started following your blog, you were well into your project. I didn't catch the very beginning but I have been impressed with not only how much you have accomplished in a short time but how well you've done it! The pictures of your little house are always so beautifully done.

You chose a theme and went with it...and everything came together wonderfully. The little details make it very special. I am sure you will be adding to the house still over time but how great to feel you that your are technically "done".

Thank you for taking the time to share it.


vicki archer said...

Linda...the attic is a gem and I love seeing the details and hearing a little bit about the process. They are the sweetest books by the way...Have a happy weekend. xv

linsminis said...

Your attic is simply fabulous Linda...I wish my real attic looked like this...I particularly LOVE the cotton reel on the floor!

Sans said...

Happy happy anniversary :) This is a fun read but you didn't tell me about the birdcage which is my fav item in the attic because I am looking to buy a life size one :):)

Tallulah Belle said...

Happy blogiversary.

Lovely to see it in more detail...the cotton reel on the floor is perfect.

Irene said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

It's nice to get the little stories behind your attic items. Thanks for the link re the books. I'll be spending some time (and money!) there, I think.

Nanna said...

Happy Anniversary!
Your blog is one of my favourite blogs and I visit here almost every day :)
I am travelling to paris on my vinterholiday, can you tell me some places I should visit there (miniature, dollhouses...) I have tried to find some miniatureshops in Paris, but my franceskils are quite poor :)
You are also very welcome to visit my house, blog is in finnish unfortunately...The house and dolls are part of a story about my grandparents and their parents early 1900.

Best Regards
Nanna from Finland

Arantxa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!


sanjeet said...

It's great to see all the details, in your last post

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Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Another very beautiful room, so personal and full of details! I love the darning mushroom and the books!
Happy blog anniversary!

minwks said...

Yes, the little darning mushroom is a collectable - nice touch that it shows French colours. I was very curious about the crown but it all makes sense now.
I enjoy blogs where a description of the room is included as despite how one looks at the pictures we can always "see" more when the items within the space are explained.
Thanks, regards.

daniela rota nodari said...

Bonjour Linda Jolie Blog!!!
Aurevoir Kisses!!! :)
Daniela da Milano Italy

Jean Day said...

Happy Blog Birthday Linda!!! Congratulations, what a wonderful blogger you have been! How are you going to celebrate? Mini Champagne sounds great, lol. I could sit for hours in your attic, enjoying all the memories, your carpet looks particularly wonderful.
Mini Hugs, Jean

Sara Álvarez-IGMA Artisan said...

Happy blog anniversary!

Hugs, Sara

TreeFeathers said...

Happy Anniversary on your blog, Linda! It is definitely one of my favorites.

I'm just thrilled with how my books look in your setting, your photos make them look so great! I'm honored to have something I made in your beautiful little maison! :)

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first year. I remember when you first started and how you thought no one would be interested in your house. now you have 386 followers. What an accomplishment! The perfection you show in each and every detail of your house is wonderful and everyone loves what you are doing. Plus your love of everything French has given us a taste of the international. Thank you for giving us a year of enjoyment. Your attic is as perfect as the rest of the house. I love it!!!

miniaturista said...

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