Saturday, March 6, 2010

"La Petite Maison"....part 2.

Some of you have been asking to see details around the 'petite maison', so today I have lots of photos for you!
Firstly, I made these plants from kits and they decorate the front of the house.

....these daffodils add some welcoming cheer to the front steps.

This is the bedside table in the main bedroom, it hold all the usual items you would expect to find in any home. The beautiful vase is made by Margaret Crosswell.

A little side table holds a pretty lamp and a vase of flowers, the stairs I made using a kit.....But I made each and every individual floor tile!!!!

I love this little butterfly that has just landed on a pretty pink clematis.

....a kitchen chair with broom and hearth brush.....yes, the chair is also a kit!! The broom I bought while I was in Paris, but I believe it was made in Germany....(and now lives in Australia)

These geraniums are also made from a kit, they sit happily on the kitchen table....

....a little box overflowing with letters and post cards.

This is the kitchen window with its faux iron work...

....and of course the pretty tea-cosy sent to me from Sandi.....the colors work so well in the salon.

Yes, yes...I know, my lovely cushions again!!! But a few question have been asked about the cushions which I can now answer.
The are stitched on 60 count silk gauze, using 50 (yes 50!!) different colours of Chinese Silk thread. The more I learn about these cushions the more amazed I am!!!


sara marina said...

You have such amazing style! I love looking at your house! I only wish I was small enough to live in such a beautiful home! Thank you for all your inspiring work and for sharing you photos.


Merry Jingle said...

The detailing is just amazing! And I love the flowerpots and the flowers :)

Waiting for a part 3,


vicki archer said...

I am constantly amazed and enthralled by the detail Linda...xv

Eva J said...

Those cushions are amazing! I have
stiched in 40 count and I can
hardly see the stiches, so I cannot even imagine 60 count silk

And all your flowers are so lovely!

Eva J

miniacollection said...

Everything is so perfect and gorgeous. I love the style of your house. It's so chic and French.
I am looking forward to seeing part 3

Josje said...

Your photographs are always a feast for the eyes. Lovely colours and detail. Your house is such a beautiful representative of a much loved style of this new millenium!

Christel Jensen said...

I feel I am in heaven when I look at your pictures. I love all the flowers you have made. Linda you are so good with this:)

Deni said...

Just love the flowers, Linda
Your little house is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

So very beautiful Linda. I'm enjoying looking at all the wonderful photographs.. xx


Hello! I'm in love with your house! it has some real beauties, a great little treasure. Congratulations on your taste in decoration and so incredible selection of pieces. Surely you can think of new ideas for the not yet considered complete. A kiss! Stephanie.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Such beautiful details! Thank you for the tour of your exquisite mansion! It is perfect in every detail.


Claudia said...

Ah...I am always so happy when I can gaze at your beautiful maison! Exquisite detail, Linda!


The Old Maid said...

Thank you for sharing the magnificant details with us!

Irene said...

The pics are great, I'm enjoying the walk-through. I'm also curious to find out if you decided to paint the front door blue!

Heleni said...

You have a wonderfull house and everything inside the house.
And the flowers are amazing! Thank you for watching your pictures. I am waiting to part 3.


Jean Day said...

I really want to live here!!! So wonderful to see all of your photos. It is so generous of you to share all these and all the miniatures you have made. I feel like we are really seeing into your personal home.

Sabiha Barkey said...

Hmmmm...never can get enough of your beautiful pictures!


Sionchi said...

Este es el blog más bonito que he visto en mi vida. La casita Petite Maison es una maravilla. Me ha encantado. Besines Sionchi

Mom E. said...

I LOVE the entire thing, but those pettie pointe cushions are just gorgeous...I have done pettie pointe and it is tiny and so beautiful!
Love the entire house and your rugs are just divine! Would LOVE to see how you make those!