Friday, April 9, 2010


I am thrilled beyond belief with the article in "Miniaturas" magazine! What a perfect way to celebrate the completion of the 'petite maison'.
I thank Madelva very much for the care she has taken with the article....all 10 pages of! Plus I love her 'creative sence of humour'.

I've had many of you say that you are unable to obtain this magazine, well these details may be of some help!
Subscription to the magazine is available and can be sent world wide, or you can simply purchase individual 'back issues'. To do this go to: or email to: .
Madelva also takes copies of this fabulous magazine to the Chicago International Dollhouse Fair, Kensington Dollhouse Fair in London and of course she will be at SIMP in Paris.
*Madelva has a 'surprise' for a few followers.....but I shall say no more......?
I must thank you for all the beautiful comments that you leave me in regards to the 'petite maison', it has been a joy to share it with you all!


cockerina said...

is so interesting!
Who knows what emotion try to see your photos in the magazine! I'm happy for you ...
that good news for me, before going to sleep ... ha ha!
here is one in the morning!
Good day to you ... and good night to me!
a kiss, Caterina

Lucia Gabrieli said...

That really is a magnificent way to celebrate the completion of your beautiful mini house! Again, well done Linda!!!!!! The article on the magazine looks perfect, I bet you're so thrilled :)


Congratulations Linda!A grand finale to this great house! It's like a reward for the work and effort spent on it, but the greatest reward has been enjoying it to completion. A kiss!

Deni said...

Congratulations Linda!
How special for you!
You certainly deserve it

Christel Jensen said...

Congratulation Linda. The pictures are stunning. Your house is just a feast for the eyes:)

Norma said...

It looks like a fabulous layout, and thanks for the link to the publishers.

Hope you're not working too hard on yr new home (the 'real' one).

dale said...

Oh, how wonderful! Ten pages, that must be quite the spread.

Thank you for the info on how to get a copy. :)

Congratulations, again!

Liberty Biberty said...

That is the most perfect way to finish off the most perfect Petite Maison! Looks like Madelva has done a wonderful job with the article.
Congratulations Linda!

rudoo said...

Congratulations Linda! I know you are very proud and you should be! Petite Maison is a materpiece that everyone should see. I just wish I could see it in person.

Sans said...

I hope you bought a few extra copies, one for keeps, one so you can tear out the pages for framing and since it is front and back, you will need 2 mags and a few more for your friends and relatives :) , including Mercedes when she visits !

Congratz, Linda!

BakingInMiniature said...

Congratulations Linda, Your Maison is exquisite and I just can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Miniaturas just to see your 10 page spread. Roxanne

The Old Maid said...

I probably didi it before but: congrats once again!:)

Jean Day said...

Ten pages, excellent, it looks so beautiful. Wonderful layout and design. I'm going to have to see if I can get a copy, great you put links. Congratulations and you are right it is a wonderful completion to your project!

Arantxa said...

Congratulations Linda!!

I have a miniatures magazine and i enjoy with your pictures so much!


miniacollection said...

You can be very proud, the photos look very good. I am sure that the readers will be amazed and will love your house.
I will have to look at the magazines at the SIMP, and maybe subscribe.

Flora said...

Linda, your home is a feast for the eyes and spirit and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. You know that your blog was the first that I knew and made me decide to open one too?
My house is not a work of art but I try to do everything as best I can.
Are on track?
I embrace you and thank you.

synnøve said...

O Linda, your wonderful and unique house deserves this attention!!!
The magazine has done a great job by presenting it like this!! My warmest congratulations!!!!
Synnøve :9
Ps: I think the reason why we like a lit but unfurnished doll house is because it's like a new real home; ready to move inn.... it's just waiting for furniture, flowers details and life!

Rida said...

I really love your house. Mabel from the cold Spain.

Tiny Delights said...

I received the magazine yesterday. Excellent photos! Congratulations! You must be very proud:)


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

How exciting for you linda, all those glorious shiny pages of your hard work for you to keep forever! Well done you! Im excited she will be at Kensington as id love the magazines with articles on your work and Mercedes also Ill give her an email to make sure she has some with her for me to buy and admire! Roll on the next project Kate xx

linsminis said...

It is a wonderful article Linda & Madelva has really done your "Petite Maison" proud....she's a lovely lady!
What is the next project going to be then?! Mini hugs, Linda

Mooghiscath said...

Félicitations , 10 pages , elle le vaut bien !

Claudia said...

Congratulations, Linda! Oh my - 10 pages!!! I wish I could see it. You deserve all that and more - the work you did on your Petite Maison was incredible.


Lene said...

Whauu, Linda, it looks absolutely fantastic in the magazine too. I'd really love to see it in real life too... :O)
It's incredible that you've made it all by yourself.

contar said...

En la edición española también podemos apreciar su trabajo maravilloso, la felicito por el articulo.
un abrazo

contar said...

In the Spanish edition also we prune to estimate his wonderful work, I congratulate her on the article.
An embrace

Natascha said...

Concratulations with the wonderful article in Miniaturas.
You have a amazing house.

Greetings Natascha

Catherine said...


Now you just have to make a miniature version of the magazine. :-) How mush fun will that be to have on a table in your doolhouse with all those wonderful photos in it.
I am going to Chicago to the Tom Bishop Show so I will look for a copy from the woman coming from Hobart.

Vane said...

congrats Linda! It is in fact a great article and great pictures, the display is amazing!.

Thanks for sharing!

hugs from Madrid.


Margaret said...

It's a great layout, thanks largely to your fantastic photography. Your house looks wonderful.

Flora said...

Hello, Linda. I love your house and your work and so I have an award for you: come and collect it whenever you want on my blog.
A hug, Flora

Fifi Flowers said...

Congrats!!! You sooooo deserve to be in magazines!!! FABULOUS work!!! I have not gotten to paintings yet... my April in Paris challenge is taking a lot of time. BUT... I cannot wait to get back to painting your Petite Maison!!!

Susana said...

Congratulations, Linda! I'm very happy for you. It's a honour to have the Petite Maison published on Miniaturas.
I have not yet seen this month's issue, and didn't know about your article... Living here in Spain, it's funny that I got to know it through your blog!
Warm regards.

Jain Squires said...

Linda, what a fabulous article. I will be getting a copy at either Kensington or SIMP. Look forward to reading it. You must be very proud. Jain xx

ANA ROSA. said...

Felicidades Linda!!!
Un bonito final a un precioso trabajo, seguro que estas muy emocionada por esta publicacion.
Un saludo.