Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food & Flowers.... & flowers are done with such 'flare' here in Paris! It excites the eyes, the stomach & the heart.......Enjoy x
p.s......just a tiny, tiny selection of photos taken here in Paris over the past 3 days.


anita said...

How delicious that looks!
You are so lucky te be in Paris for such a long time.
I hope you can stay in 'shape' with all that lovelyness around you!
(I know I couldn't, haha)
I'm looking forward to all your beautiful pictures!
Have a fantastic time!!

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

Delicious and full of color!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
finally I find you again!
I lost my blog and I have to create a new one!
Have a lot of fun in Europe!
I love Paris, is so romantic. The air has something special, you can't feel in love...
Bisou, Babi

Christel Jensen said...

So inspirational:) I love the pictures.

Ana said...

Preciosas fotografias¡¡¡ Deliciosos dulces y maravillosas flores.Deseo que estes disfrutando mucho de tu estancia en Paris.Besos

kimsminiatures said...

LOve love love.......Thanks so much for sharing Paris with us. Beautiful food and flowers not sure what could be better. Hugs~ Kim

Terri said...

Oh Yes! exactly what I miss of Paris! Lucky you!

cockerina said...

Linda dear, please, continue to let these photos to your blog ... it is as if I were traveling with you.
thanks !!...
OUCH! € 28 for a hydrangea?? is expensive! here in Italy it costs less! ha ha!

Catherine said...

Oh yes! Please do share they beautiful photos with us when ever you can. I love seeing them. Enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of paris. :-)
Maybe a few pictures of the inside of Lea's shop? Ooooh how I would love to see it.

Patty said...

Linda, take the BEST photos!! Those pastries are to die for and will inspire many mini bakers! I am fortunate enough to have a small patisserie close to my house that is run by a Vietnamese woman and her pastries look just like the photo!! I can almost smell these!!!LOL I'm thinking like Catherine!!! Lea's shop would be great to see photo's of!!!!

Tamra said...

Ces't tres magnafique!

Mooghiscath said...

Humm reconnais bien nos patisseries là

tartes aux fraises
tartes aux poires
tartes aux citrons
têtes de nègres ....
Mais ou sont les éclairs au chococolat et café , les milles feuilles hi...hi...Attention aux kilos

vicki archer said...

So true Linda....enjoy lots of that edible beauty in Paris, won't you? xv

Liberty Biberty said...

Beautiful pictures!
Keep them coming!