Friday, October 8, 2010

Jardin du Luxembourg....

....over the years and our many trips to Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens are always the perfect place to head go to, to cool down, to rest the tired feet or to recharge with a 'pique-nique'. But it is lovely to see the gardens at this time of the year, usualy we visit Paris in summer and you almost have fight for a seat, but this visit it was lovely to see the leaves changing colour and pretty!, we could just about have any seat we!

I really don't know what can be said about the beautiful roses that are sold here in Paris. Most of them grace the footpath with their beauty....(yes, in their galvanised buckets), the colours are divine and a little like the cake shops, I just have to stop and take a photo......too beautiful to resist!

I do hope you are not tiring of my Paris photos....we have a long way to go!


rosanna said...

Good morning Linda, beautiful pictures. I sent an email to you, have fun. Minihugs Roanna

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

Fabalous photos, which we never tire of. The Luxemburg Park is my kind of place, simply stunning :0)
Julia xx

Margaret said...

Beautiful photos Linda, you can be sure we aren't tiring of them. Hope you're having fun!

Ascension said...

Unas fotografias fantasticas, debe ser un lugar encantador.
Feliz fin de semana.
besitos ascension

Ana said...

Un viaje maravilloso el que estas haciendo.Gracias por enseñarnos las fotos tan lindas.Besos, a ver si vienes a España ¡¡¡¡Besos

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
Thank you to post thoses beautiful photos of Luxembourg. THis is one of my favorite park.
Paris is always wonderful, but I particularly like autumn in Paris and its parks. And I love London as well.

I am sure you enjoy enormously your trip.

♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures Linda... it is exactly what I will go in less than 20 days now.... for my birthday hahaha By the way for the bride in palais_royal we have seen photograph with a couple in June just before the SIMP it looks like it is one place really famous for such pictures.
Enjoy your time over there!!! Get a look for me passage Jouffroy In comptoir de Famille closed to pain d'epices (specialist for miniatures).

A bientot! Claude

Catherine said...

They are beautiful photos and I always wish there were more of them.
I would love to see photos of the outside and inside of Pain D'épices.

Terri said...

The gardens do look so beautiful! I have only seen them in May.
I too love the flowers sold on the street. Absolutely gorgeous! I would be fab if we could get these in the US.
I am so glad you are having such a fabulous time.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Me encantan sus fotos Linda, en ellas vemos su gran sensibilidad.

Arantxa said...

Beautiful Photos,Linda!!

Mini Hugs!!

contar said...

no creo que nadie se pueda cansar de ver estas imágenes, son un placer para la vista.
un abrazo

do not think anyone can get tired of seeing these images are a pleasure to behold.
a hug

Marie Arden said...

No not tired of them at all. Wishing I were there too! I love to go in the fall less crowded and weather nice for walking.
Enjoy your time- eat a pastry for me!!

miniacollection said...

Linda, soon I will send you a mail.
Like you I love the Jardin du Luxembourg. When I was very little, I used to go there with my grandmother when I stayed with her. She lived very near the Jardin.

shannonc60 said...

So glad you are enjoying the trip Linda, and I do love seeing the photos! It keeps me going until I can visit again!

Bleudelavande said...

Beautiful!!! Tank you for sharing those wonderful images!!!
Have a nice sunday.

vicki archer said...

I never tire of these photos Linda....I hope you are having a magnificent time....xv

chateaudelille said...

You take such great shots its like reading a great book. Maybe you could write one!

Paris in Pink said...

Yes, the roses of Paris are so beautiful, much like this wonderful blog of yours. Off to read some more :) Paris in Pink

After Dark minatures said...

Hello! long time no see :)

Well its wonderful to see your having a fabulous time, and still blogging too!

Oh what a treat to be in Pairs in the autumn, I love the roses! what nice colours they are.

So how did you find London?

I have just been and it was a really lovely day with hardly anyone around, I went on a Monday you see, its well worth the congestion free to get some peace lol!

Back to the mini making for me!

Enjoy your wonderful trip, I will try to say hello again soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
I'm a little bit jealous!
I'd like to see Paris now. I always visit Paris at the end of October, when is my wedding anniversary. Never see Paris with red leaves, never visit the Luxembourg Gardens! I love your roses!
Ok, new time!


Happy Birthday, enjoy your trip to Paris. HUGS MARY