Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paris Tango.... by Carla Coulson.

I have had many many wonderful experiences while overseas....(yes, I am now home!)....and I received many lovely emails and comments to my blog while I was away, thank you all so very much!
One email that was an absolute thrill to receive was from (Australian) Photographer (living in Paris) Carla Coulson. Carla was exceedingly generous with her praise regarding my blog and my photos, she kindly offered to send me her amazing book.... "Paris Tango". When I arrived home (yesterday), here to greet me was Carla's is a joy, a delight & an absolute thrill to have her book.....!! I look forward to many an hour enjoying Carla's beautiful photos and reminiscing about my own time in Paris.
Many thanks Carla for your kindness & generosity....(need I say again?..."I am thrilled"!!)
You can visit Carla on her blog at


Catherine said...

WOW! What a lovely compliment from a professional photographer. I LOVE the photos you take. How nice of Carla to send you her book! I would love to see it. Perhaps I can look through some pages of it in Amazon.
your new header photo is WONDERFUL!

vicki archer said...

Welcome home Linda.... I love Carla's, 'Paris Tango' and I know you will adore it...especially after your travels ....xv

Norma said...

Welcome back to Oz! And what a lovely welcome home gift you have from Carla.

I love that new header photo, I'm working on the front of my little French place and thinking whether or not to put shutters on one lot of windows so I'm a bit obsessed with shutter pics at the moment, especially 'grungy' ones like these.

Thanks too for all the lovely photos you've posted on your journey, a little 'armchair' travel with you has been a delight.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

I just went to to see if I could look through some pages of Paris Tango. Sadly they didn't offer that option...Maybe at a later date.

What was impressive... There were three reviews written by people that have bought the book. Each person gave it a wonderful write up and each one gave the book FIVE STARS!

Linda Carswell said...

Trust me is a fabulous book!!!

Try this link:

Enjoy!!!! Linda x

Bambi said...

Glad you're home safe Linda and a big thankyou for your regular posts - I had a lot on my plate and it was very comforting to 'escape' and share your magic holiday - I am also very interested in Carla's book! and Norma, I love shutters sooo much that I've actually used my brother's old pantry door as a shutter on our patio!! Terryx

Carla said...

Hi Linda, Many thanks for your sweet words. Your blog is beautiful. I hope you enjoy the book. Carla

miniacollection said...

I like your new header.
I am so pleased for you, what a wonderful surprise to receive the book by Carla Coulson. I'm not surprised your photos were spotted by Carla, you've got such a good eye to photograph Paris.