Tuesday, August 23, 2011


These are certainly not the most glamorous photos I have posted, but it is proof that there is some progress with the new project, (how ever limited it may be....!!). I have been working on windows that I bought while away last year, while they are the right size etc., for what I want, I feel that they always need a really good sand and to do this properly I find that I end-up pulling them to pieces, then removing some pieces and adding others before being completely satisfied with them. I have also been juggling with the idea of making my own doors....this is a practise piece that you can see in the photo.....I still have not decided if I will proceed with this idea...lol!!!

Below you can see 2 of my latest purchases for this project.....

....these adorable items are made by Peiwen at http://oiseaudenim.blogspot.com/ I have bought several of Peiwen's items lately, her detail, scale and originality appeal to me greatly. Thank you Peiwen, as always I am in awe of your talent!!


miniacollection said...

It's very funny because this afternoon I took all my furniture and doors, windows for my future house. This way I dreamt of what I can do with all this.
While in England I bought some furniture and a sliding French door.
Congratulations on trying to make your own doors.

Linda Carswell said...

I don't know if I will take the 'door making' any further....I seem to be wasting so much strip-wood, I think it might be far cheaper to give-in and buy the doors...but certainly not as satisfying....???

Patty said...

Linda, How exciting to see a little progress on your great mystery project which I am so looking forward to seeing. I love how the windows have turned out so far and think you are doing a fabulous job on the door. Peiwen is an incredible artist and all of her food is so delicate and realistic. Your new pieces are great.......I would also love a sip of your coffee too...it looks so tasty.....LOL

Catherine said...

Linda, It is very exciting to see that you have begun the building. I think the door looks GREAT! You will be making you own windows too before long.

Peiwen's work is unique and very beautiful. I am sure you are thrilled with those two perfect pieces she made. I love the French news paper around the raw meat!

vicki archer said...

These miniature items are incredible Linda....so lifelike, it's unbelievable. I await your new project with great interest.....xv

Flora said...

Dear Linda, I may be against the current, but it seems to me that these are among the most beautiful photos that you have published: in fact, there is nothing more beautiful than to give birth from their hands a doll's house :-)
Your door seems to me very interesting ... Proceed on this road!
I see that you value the good strong coffee, done to support the woodwork: I keep myself up so :-)
In September, back from vacation, I will begin to assemble the new Georgian house and frankly I do not know where to start: I have to drink liters of coffee :-)
For now, a warm hug

Norma said...

This is definately evidence of a lot of busyness! The door looks fabulous and if you have enough coffee to see you through the job it would be wonderfully satisfying indeed to make your own.

Peiwen's pieces are just gorgeous.

malu2 said...

El nuevo proyecto, se ve muy bien,la puerta se ve perfecta, aunque a lo mejor no sale a cuenta fabricar uno mismo,solo es la satisfaccion de decir lo he hecho desde cero!!! hay tiempo para pensar tomando un rico y humeante café.
Los trabajos de Peiwen son perfectos.

Anne said...

Just before I went to read your blog I recalled how I so looked forward to seeing what you had been doing with your petite maison. I was thrilled to see the windows and to get a tiny glimpse of what is to come.
I agree about Peiwen. Her pieces are simply amazing.
Anne, www.gsolfot.com

Craftland said...

Deine Fenster und Türen sind wunderschön. Ich finde, dass sich die Arbeit lohnt.

Dein Einkauf von peiwen ist super. So realistisch.

Liebe Grüße von Craftland

Giac said...

Hello Linda,
I don't know if you'll decide to make the rest of the doors yourself, but you should be very proud of the first one. It looks very well made and accurate! Great job and I can't wait to see your progress.

Fi.P said...

Dear Linda,

How wonderful to see the beginning of a great project. Your commitment to authenticity is a credit to you and your patients and dedication never ceases to amaze.

Good luck with your doors and windows, they look nothing short of perfection.

keep the windows and doors open to let the creativity flood in.....; )


@nne said...

nice to discover your blog! @nne

Sionchi said...

El nuevo proyecto te está quedando perfecto. Me encanta todo lo que haces. Tu blog es una maravilla

Patricia Cabrera said...

Linda!!!! It has been forever , no???

I was so happy to see your *face*!!! thank you for yoru visit!*grin*
Thank you for sharing this artist's blog... I can not believe these aspargus are real!!AMAZING!!

Virginia Isabel said...

si que tienes trabajo.

beauty said...

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