Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty in pink....

This adorable little dress is the latest miniature item I have purchased for my collection. It arrived just the other day and I was absolutely thrilled to receive it and (the surprise) bonnet. Can you guess by the style of the work who made it...???

My collection is growing steadily for this next project and while I made (another) start on the house last week...(I was designing the roof) has come to a halt due to a car accident (in which I received a broken rib). 2011 has not been the best of years for me, so I am very pleased to see that we are steaming (full stead ahead) towards 2012. I hope for better things next year...?

Well, (enough of me...) did you guess who made the gorgeous little dress?......yes, it was Lea Frisoni!!! Like most (all) of you (I am sure), I enjoy watching Lea make her latest little house.....her work is a joy!! Thank you Lea.


Catherine said...

It is a beautiful dress! I love the color and the sweet collat on it.

love Lea's work. I am enjoying reading her new blog and watching the progress on the house she's working on.

Josje said...

Ayay, a car accident! I'm sorry to hear you've been injured, but glad you seem to be on the mend.

The dress is very pretty. Yes I guessed it was made by Léa, so recognizable :-)

Kikka said...

How Wondeful Dress, adorable.

rosanna said...

Tse tse a broken rib...definitely a year to forget on health side.
I am sure that your little dress has made you happy anyway and defnitely it's so pretty.
A gentle hug, don't want to injure you any more, and best wishes. Rosanna

Bambi said...

Best wishes too Linda?, I love the softest pinks,lace and bow of Lea's dress. I'm loving Lea's blog and soon there'll be another house to please my senses - by guess who!x

maria said...

Ooo, i am sorry to hear you did have a car accident,hope you recover well.
I love the dress, Lea Frisoni has the most beautifull blog.
I am having a Give-Away at my blog,if you want please join.

Léa said...

Thank you, Linda. I hope you do not suffer too much because of the broken rib, as you say so, the year ends soon, so you always hope for better days. And your new home will be a good way to have a good time to carry it out (and for us, nice to see achievements in perspective ... I can not wait ...)
I'm glad the little dress and cap you like. Take good care of you. <3

*** Thank you very much for the lovely comments I just read above ... ***

marlies said...

O, I hope you are healing well!?
The little dress is gorgious, soooo beautiful! Love to see what Lea makes of the new house.

* marlies

Katrina said...

Dear Linda, I hope that you will recover soon.

The little pink dress is so cute!

Have a wonderful advent and weekend.

Hugs Kati

minimizar said...

NO hay nada mejor para recuperarse del accidente que un regalo tan bonito , y más si viene de una amiga .

Fabiola said...

The little dress is fantastic. I like the color.
Bye Faby

Papillon Bleu said...

I really love this soft pink Linda!
C'est un rose très doux et délicat.

Claudia said...

It's adorable. Lea is amazing! I'm so sorry about the car accident and your broken rib! Please feel better soon!


miniacollection said...

The dress is beautiful, I had guessed it was by Léa. I love her work and her new blog.
I hope 2012 will be kinder to you.

Susanne said...

The dress is such a beauty, Lèa is so skilled, she is making small wonders. Wish you´ll feel better soon.
Love, Susanne

Patrizia said...

Linda...mi spiace molto per quello che ti è capitato.....buona guarigione allora e che il 2012 sia un anno più sereno.....diamo un calcio al 2011!!!
Il vestito è meraviglioso....complimenti Lea!!!

Kityii said...

Tienes una preciosidad de blog. Felicidades!!!

Lady Jane said...

Such a pretty little dress. LJ

Lucille said...

Linda, I'm so very sorry about your broken rib. I hope that you are not in too much pain and that you will soon recover. The little dress and hat are adorable and obviously made with much love! Please take care of yourself and know that I will be saying a few prayers for you. The year will soon be over and hopefully you will have a better one next year.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Es un vestido delicado y precioso. Me encantará ver su próximo proyecto.

Fi.P said...

Dear Linda,

So sorry to hear of your accident, I do hope you recover quickly. Last year was a horror year for us, this year has been a great improvement, so I'm sure things will turn around soon.

The little dress is delightful, any wonder being crafted by such talented hands.

Best wishes, Fiona

dale's dreams said...

What a darling little dress! :)

So sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope you heal quickly.

Wishing you much better times in the coming new year!

Mona said...

The dress is beautiful, love the color.
Wish you a good recovery.

Jennelise said...

What a beautiful little dress! It is a little masterpiece! I am sorry to hear about your broken rib - my Mum has had a broken rib three times before and I know from her experience that it is extremely painful and unpleasant. I'm glad that you didn't sustain any more severe injuries though and I hope that your recovery is quick and you can enjoy the holiday season :) Take care!

Norma said...

Please make sure you take good care of yourself, rest up so that you'll heal as quickly as possible. And not just the broken bits but recovering from the stress of the accident as well.

Receiving this little treasure would have been as good a medicine as you could get, it's just divine, and how wonderfully pretty the little bonnet is.

Patricia Cabrera said...

Hi Linda,
I hope you are recovering from the accident and at no time will be busy with your marvelous decorations.
I adore this dress and the bonnet is just too perfect.I see why you love it too!grin
Warm hugs~

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