Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything pretty....

There are so many 'pretties' to be found in Paris, every turn of a corner can bring a new delight. I like these photos, the first photo is a window display....I adore the oversize butterflies. The basket of rose petals, I took in a florist.....right place at the right time....the sun light just touched the top of the petals and bought them all to life, you can see the result. The third photos is simply a bucket of roses outside a florist, but I love the contrast of the roses with the timber crate....not to mention the beautiful colors of the blooms. The next photo of the beautiful colored peonies was taken at a market. More roses, but this time taken through the shop me crazy, but I love to see the reflection of the building opposite in contrast with the roses. The white jug with the blue and white flowers....gorgeous combination....was simply sitting in a shop front window begging me to take their photo, while the last photo is of the door of the iconic Laduree...look through the detail on the door to the lovely wall paneling and the pretty wall sconce.
Yes, I'm missing Paris!!!


rosanna said...

Dearie, I wish I were so rich to invite you and all my friends for a holiday in Paris.
In the meanwhile I keep saving for a trip on the other side of world :o))
Hugs, Rosanna

Daydreamer said...

I Love your Pictures, Linda! I agree with you about the reflections of the world in the Windows... I love it too... and some of my best pictures have that dreamy Quality of one world overlaid by another....
I am with you Missing Paris... *sigh*
Thanks for sharing the Bounty of your visit.... :)

SaMiRa73 said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures!

miraclechicken said...

These shots are gorgeous and very interesting---

Craftland said...

Linda, your photos are always make sunshine in my eyes.
Hugs from Craftland

Fi.P said...

Just stunning!

Maybe you should start a tour of your own that takes Australians and the like on tours around Paris to view all the beautiful shops. I'm sure you would always be booked out!

Fi xx

Isabel said...

A beautiful pictures, it's apleasure se your work.

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