Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First coffee of the day....

This is my little coffee shop.....well, strictly speaking it's not 'mine', but it is where we would head each and every morning for our first coffee of the day. It was also where we would have the occasional lunch....and the more than occasional dinner and where we would spend our Friday evenings listening to live music.... Yes, I guess we were there a lot!! We got to know all the staff by their names and they even did 'show & tell' with family photos from their iPhones. We were presented with a lovely gift before we departed so that we could remember them all when we returned home....they were all so lovely!!!
This sweet little cafe is on rue du Louvre (more or less).........
Aux Deux Ecus. 1 Place des 2 Ecus, 75001 Paris......if you happen to make it there, please say 'Hi' from me!!!!


rosanna said...

This makes me think that I haven't had my first coffee yet.
I wish I could have it in this lovely place instead of making it myself.
Have a nice evening , Rosanna
Today for me is cooking day: Dad's birthday :o))

Simon said...

Hi LInda
More beautiful pictures. I can imagine how wonderful it must be to sit there and watch the world go by.

lilac and old roses said...

I love Paris. I went for the first time in June to Versaille for a wedding and fell in love with Paris. You look like you had a wonderful time x

Giac said...

Hello Lindqa,
How beautiful. I think what I miss most about Paris is going down to the bakery shop at the corner and having a Chocolatine aux amendes with a Cafe Creme...Your wonderful pictures bring me back.
Thank you!
Big hug,

Bambi said...

I can smell the coffee Linda! a lovely memory, surely to be repeated - I also hope I'll get there one day, especially for SIMP!x

Steinworks said...

it's just awesome, I was thinking I would eat lunch and dinner there too and then I read that YOU DID! LOL

aaahhh the magic of paris :)


Troy said...

Thanks for the pictures - Paris has such great architecture and history. The shop looks like a wonderful place to sit and take it all in. Post some more!

Léa said...

Dear Linda, I think you're sort your photos with great nostalgia, reviewing many beautiful places where you had a great time.
Because you like Paris, Paris remembers you, and if I pass in front of this lovely coffee, I say hello for you. (The previous post florist is wonderful too, I understand that you have been attracted by its beautiful frontage.
I searched the address, but apart from No. 25 and its location near a "librairie/presse" (is'nt it?), I do not have enough indice to guess where it is.

miraclechicken said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your memories---

Fi.P said...

Ahh, that looks like the perfect place to be right now, how i wish I was there sipping coffee this very moment.
The photos of the divine little florist are beautiful too, the lilac umbrellas and the green facer look fabulous together.

It's great to stop by and get a little touch of Paris each time I visit here.

Fi x

Margaret said...

Linda I want my coffee there in the morning too, it looks lovely.