Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pain & Chocolat....

As you all know by now, Paris holds many (many) delights for me and this is but one of them. We went to this wonderful little gem of a place twice while last in Paris....it is just so delightful....it certainly ticks all the boxes!!
Pain & Chocolat serve the most wonderful meals, we has breakfast here on both occasions. It was some way from our apartment but most certainly worth an early morning bus trip. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend that you go there....add it to your wish list/address book.....I am sure you will love it as much as we did! Enjoy X
Pain & Chocolat
16 Avenue La Motte Picquet
75007 Paris
p.s.....it is almost a month since my last post, I feel slightly ashamed....sorry! (but never mind, I am here now...lol!)


Terri said...

Hello Linda,
Thanks so much for sharing about one of your favorite places! I would love to go there next time I am in Paris.
My readers would be tickled to see your tea post, if you wouldn't mind linking it up to our Tea Cup Tuesday.

Margaret said...

Uh Oh, I thought when I saw 'pain & chocolate', what has she done to herself, silly me.D It sounds like a spot I would definitely want to visit too Linda.

maribel said...

Ummm!!!! que buena pinta tiene ese desayuno. Además si se sirve en un juego de café y en esa cafetería puede resultar un comienzo de día inolvidable.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Sin duda tiene que ser un lugar maravilloso.

Katherine said...

I can almost taste the delights and you can feel the ambiance just by looking at your pictures. Sigh!

Fi.P said...

I have a sudden tast for croisant!

It looks fabulous and I will definitely put that one in my address book. Thank you for sharing and it's amazing how time slips by.

Fi x

Catherine said...

Linda ,

Vous avez un regard merveilleux sur notre ville .
Avec vous Paris is perfect .
Vos photos sont splendides .
Je vous soupçonne de vous lever très tôt ... De balayer les trottoirs .... De ranger les petits pains dans la vitrine ...
Juste pour la photo ! Hi hi !

Vos photos sont de très très belles compositions .
Il faut revenir ... Très vite .
Je vous embrasse .

miniacollection said...

I will note this address that I didn't know. Thank you!!!

Giac said...

Hell oLinda,
Your posts are well worth waiting for. You always have the most beautiful pictures and the best addresses.
Big hug,

Lady Jane said...

Love this place. Would love to have tea here.

ShellbyFay said...

I desperately want to go to Paris. One day I will, and I will visit Pain and Chocolat!!

Alennka said...

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to let you know I've a surprise for you on my blog this week.
Cheers, Alennka

Lucille said...

Linda, I thought of you yesterday and I wondered how you were. So, today I thought I would check out your blog because there are times when something happens, and certain blogs don't come through my reader. And, this is what happened here. That is a beautiful tea set. And now, I am hungry and thirsty for chocolate! I am not really crazy about chocolate because it does not like me but I will have it once in a while, especially if there is caramel inside or on top. Hope all is well with you and your family!

admin said...

Love this place. Would love to have tea here.
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