Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apricots, lemons, plums & cherries....

These little delights I have just recently purchased from the wonderfully talented Teresa Martinez. I was thrilled to bits when I opened the parcel, thank you so very much Teresa, I adore them!!!

A very quick thank you to those who have emailed me recently to see if I am still about.....the short answer is yes! The long answer is that my eldest daughter was married over the Easter. It was such a special day....who knew that weddings could be so emotional...wow!!! Of course the bride looked gorgeous and the groom was terribly hansome. I shall pop a photo on my blog when it comes to hand (that is if you are interested of course...lol!) Back into my miniatures soon....very soon!!!!


Norma said...

WOW! That's perfection in a jar for sure! They are truly fabulous.

Congratulations to the bride and groom on the recent nuptials :)

maribel said...

Se ven unas conservas muy reales, parecen de verdad

Josje said...

Ah, more lovely food! You still haven't told us what you are working on so I am looking forward to a bit of a reveal soon! ;-)

And yes I'd love to see a wedding photo!

windypointminiaturesblogspot.com said...

Beautiful jars. I love Teresa's things. She is one of the people that I really admire. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.


Catherine said...

Félicitations et tous nos vœux de bonheur .
Une très heureuse excuse pour expliquer votre absence .
Allez hop , au travail maintenant. Hihi .
J ai hâte de voir l avancement de votre nouveau projet .
Je vous embrasse .

Giac said...

Hell oLinda,
Congratulations ! I hope the happy couple will be blessed with incredible happiness!
Big hug,

Eliana said...

The canning are beautiful. I really like Teresa's work.
Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.

Catherine said...

OMG Linda, Yesterday Teresa sent me the exact same order. It came in a nice blue box with a bow on it. She cut a place (in foam) for all four of the jars to go in. This is weird... On second thought it isn't! We do this all the time. OMG!

Bambi said...

Very edible! Looking forward to seeing thevWedding photos!

miniacollection said...

Your new miniatures are really exceptional. Teresa's work always amazes me.
I would love to see photos of your daughter's wedding.

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Linda, I like that you are happy with the purchase :).
I'm also looking forward to seeing his new miniature project;)

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!, We'd love to see the wedding photos!

Mona said...

Your new glasses with fruit look so real and delicate.
Congratulations on your daughters wedding.

Lucille said...

The jars of preserves are lovely and have that home sweet home look about them. Congratulations on your eldest daughter's wedding. I most certainly would love to see a photo!

Luce Fédière said...

The work of teresa is really perfect!
Félicitations pour les jeunes mariés.
mini hugs,

Steinworks said...

those jars are lovely, Congratulations to you! I hope it was a beautiful wedding :)


Regine Karpel said...


Fi.P said...

Hi Linda,

Those preserves are just so sweet...literally!! They really do look lovely though, very realistic.

Congratulations to your Daughter! How wonderful to have an Easter wedding, I hope the weather was nice, it was pretty perfect here. I would love to see some photos so please post!!

ML Fi xx

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Linda! The preserves are totally delicious looking and you made some excellent choices because the colors are all complimentary to each other. The collection all looks very good together.
I congratulate you and your married daughter this past Easter. That is an important event for a mother and I still have that to look forward to with mine. All the best to All!


miraclechicken said...

Hi Linda-
What nice little jars!
And I'd like to see a wedding
photo :)

maria l. said...

Hummmmmm! Se ven muy apetitosas y...perfectas!

Fabiola said...

These jars are perfect.
Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.
Bye, Faby