Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I am back....

I am back!....back from where you might ask?....well, from absolutely 'no-where'!! But I am back into my miniatures with a refreshed vigour and new interest. With no work what-so-ever done on 'sous le figuier' (my latest project) for several years....well, since 2014 to be exact it was time to start...again!!

I have bought many miniature treasures in that time, so my collection for this project kept growing....but sadly no actual work was happening. But over the past few weeks I have once again been working on the house/shop. I have done lots of work on the windows to finish those off prior to painting and I am presently painting shutters.....10 pairs in all!!

I have also been playing with ideas for (faux) ironwork for the front door....but something didn't sit right with me....the window above the door wasn't what I wanted anymore. So...with a bit more thought and a pair of corbels that have been floating about for about 15 years, I redesigned the area above the door. I enclosed the 'hole' and used a wonderful French finding and made a new pediment....sounds a bit easier than it actually was. I think (hope) it all comes together nicely once painted.

You will see that everything is simply sitting in place (and held with Blue-tac)......but to silence my dear friend I have done this 'post'. Catherine thought you would be interested in my progress...? (as small as it is!!) 


shannonc60 said...

Welcome back Linda! So many beautiful things in your last pic! And from your photos, it is looking STUNNING! So good to see you back and working on your minis,

miniacollection said...

I'm so glad to see you back and what a pleasure to see your progress. I love your door and the window railings. I hope one day you'll show us all the treasures you have collected for this house.

jean-claude said...

Heureux de vous savoir revenue dans le monde de la miniature. Votre nouveau projet semble très prometteur.

Giac said...

Hello Linda,
It is great to have you back. It is looking beautiful. The pediment is gorgeous and I really love the ironwork. It will be an incredible building...it already is!
Big hug

Megan Wallace said...

I love it that you are back! Please don't go away again. We want to see what you are doing.
I have a house that I started constructing more than 20 years ago. It has been in boxes and moving from one home to the other with me all this time. On Sunday I decided that it's time to take it out and start work on it again. I will do that in September, when I have some free time. There is no such thing as a project left too long. Sooner or later inspiration hits one again, and it's time to continue!

rosanna said...

Welcome back Linda !
You were much missed in Paris last June ....
I hope that my house works will start soon, again, it's since 2014 that I don't work on it but I keep collecting. May be next autumn, now it's too hot, will be the right time for me too ;o)

Sheila said...

Looks just lovely, all the little details really add up to a wonderful look. Keep going! Can't wait to see more.

otterine said...

It's always delightful seeing what you create! Welcome back! :]

Catherine said...

I am so glad to see your post Linda. Everything looks beautiful. I love the new choices you made.

I would love to see all the new bits and pieces you have collected for this project. :-)

Léa said...

You are never really "gone away", dear Linda, as you are always into many thoughts of many of us, for sure! ;)
Your ideas for this project are certainly very motivating and they will be easier to concretize, because you took the time to mature well.
Hugs from France ♥ Léa

Daydreamer said...

Yay! I add to the chorus of "Welcome Back"!!! It is always a pleasure to see a post from you and even a greater one to see progress on your latest project! I Love what you have done with your doorway, and can't wait to see more details on the whole build! You are clearly making another work of art!

Small world of Turner said...

So wonderful dear Linda that you are back again ! :)

Your project is amazing ! I can't put my eyes off, so beautiful !
Looking forward to see it growing.

Mini hugs from Pipi

miraclechicken said...

Wow it looks really beautiful!

elizabeth s said...

Hi LInda,
Your blog was one of the very first I was introduced to via my friend Janine. This happened back in 2012, when I was just discovering the wide world of miniatures on the internet, so your blog will always hold a very special place in my heart.
It is good to see you "BACK" again Lind, and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing More of the Amazing work you do for which you have become Famous for!
Welcome Home ♡

miniaturista said...

Pequeño gran avance, lo que veo me encanta como te ha quedado y eso es muy importante,esas nuevas minis que tienes en espera lucirán mucho.....ya estoy deseosa de verlas.
Espero sigas con las minis aunque sea despacito para seguir disfrutando.
Un abrazo

minwks said...

Hi Linda,
Always happy to see a post from you. Real life often pulls us away from our mini hobby but it always seems to have a place in our hearts. Thus you have still collected while waiting for the right time to continue.
It is so much fun for us in the blog a sphere to follow your work.
All the best,
(Still on the canals in France)

Diva from Downunder said...

Hi Linda
Welcome welcome welcome back so lovely to have you back posting missed your beautiful work always an inspiration .Look forward to this latest shop Thanks for your sharing It is always so great to read about what you are creating. Take care and all the best Diva Downunder

Linda Park said...

So glad you're back. Like Elizabeth, you blog was one of the first I ever discovered years ago. Your work is amazing and I know this next project will be the same. I was so thrilled to meet you in Hobart when my friend lived there.
Cheers, Linda (in Canada at the moment)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back mini-ing.. I've been inspired by your last build so I'm so looking forward to following this one. :)

burygardeners said...

Welcome back, so looking forward to watching your new project come together. The doorway is transformed....now it has the appropriate gravitas. As you say it looks and sounds simple but I know the mental hoops we go through to arrive there, not to mention finding the right materials. Well done you. MArilyn

marlies said...

Haha, finally.. :D I love what you did with the door, it is more French now ♥ The windows with the shutters are gorgeous too, ♥ it!
This is going to be a great shop/house also!
* marlies