Monday, November 15, 2010

Chateau de Chantilly....

Chantilly by train is only about 20 mins. from Paris....(north to be exact) a little walk once you get to the town, onto the chateau....but well worth every step!!
It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, although there was a definite 'chill' in the air, not to mention the frost on the ground!
I think the photographs of the chateau speak for themselves, it is a spectacular place to visit.
The chateau is surrounded by beautiful manicured gardens as well as natural grounds....these would take many, many hours....if not days to explore them all....but we made some wonderful discoveries of our own in the time we had available.....the second last photo is called 'The Isle of Love'....isn't it fabulous?
A "must see" when next in Paris!! (As you can see by the lack of people, we almost had the whole place to ourselves.....such a special place and another wonderful day here in France!!!)
....interior photos at another time....


Linda said...

oooooooooo i love that! fabulous inspiration pictures :D Linda x

Lancerika said...

These dreamy images are
making my heart flutter..
"The Isle of Love"
beyond LOVELY...{sighs}
you are so lucky!

Les Miniatures de Béatrice said...

I live near Fontainebleau but I love Chantilly specially for the the Musee Condé collections. When the Duke of Aumale died, he bequeathed all his collections to the Institute of France but he has never prohibited the sale, loan and moving his works and his assets.
Have you seen the stables, which served as the backdrop for a James Bond movie?

Bonne journée. Béatrice

Linda Carswell said...

When I sat down this morning to do a new post, I was deciding between Fontainbleau & Chantilly....both are so beautiful, but as you can see Chantilly won out on this occassion....but I look forward to blogging about Fontainbleau at a later time.
Sadly we didn't realise that the stables where open to the public...but I am a firm believer in leaving something for 'next-time'!

rosanna said...

Hi LInda the chateau is lovely and definitely it's so nice to be there by yourselves.
Can you guess that most probably rhere will be a train strike next Sat? I'm afraid it migt prevent my coming to Paris...shivering in my bones... I'll keep you informed. Minihugs Rosanna
BTW you said FROST ?! here it was 15° at midnight!

Paris Miniatures said...

Beautiful pictures, Linda:)
We love it there, they host a fireworks worlwide contest wich is stunning in this environement....but it was posponed last summer because of big refurbishment of the gardens:(
Anyway, in the same area, the Chateau de Compiègne is worth a visit as well (promoting my neighbors I am!!!)
Go on enjoying your travel!

Norma said...

It looks really amazing Linda, this is certainly a wonderful journey, so glad we can share a little of it with you through your lovely photos.

And thanks too for your comment on my blog, you raise an interesting issue about the supposed 'line' between real life and blogging :)

Mooghiscath said...

Ha , là c'est pas loin de chez moi , c'est en effet un magnifique château et aux alentours , il y a aussi de superbes propriétés .

Catherine said...

It is so beautiful!!! How nice that you chose this time of year to be there. I am sure these photos would have be loaded with people if it was summer time.

I am enjoying all these photos sooo much!

Margaret said...

Wow, yes the Isle of Love is so beautiful, I must put that on my list for next time too.

Terri said...

Totally amazing! This is such a beautiful place. You must have been in heaven there!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is like Cinderella Castle!
So lovely place and atmosphere!
Bisou, Babi

cockerina said...

that magnificent castle! I have a faint recollection of it ... years ago, about 20, I have seen Paris and some castles on the Loire, I fear that this was among them ... expect to see photos of the interior, to see if I recognize!
beast, old age, I begin to lose my memory .. ah ah!

Julie-Ann said...

What an amazing find. I have been to Paris several times and never heard of it. It will be added to the list of must sees next time. Gorgeous:)