Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Before I came to Genova (Italy) I knew that I would like this city.....but little did I know how much I would love it!
We came to Genova to meet fellow blogger and miniaturist Rosanna Rolla. Rosanna has such a passion for her home town (city) and this has made our visit to Genova such a wonderful experience, she has showed us things and taken us to places we would never have found our selves! Thank you so much Rosanna for making this a week we shall never forget.


rosanna said...

He he, Linda you found a conection after all! See you soon, Rosanna

shannonc60 said...

It looks stunning Linda! Thanks for the photos, what an amazing place.

cockerina said...

after seeing the magnificent Italian palazzo, Linda, you are still sure to love only Paris ????? ha ha!
you do not like to play in miniature, an old Italian palace?

I'm glad you also like Italy!
I'm sure that this was an unforgettable holiday, also thanks to the generosity and sympathy for Rosanna!
kisses, Caterina

Norma said...

I was already pea green with envy seeing your beautiful Paris photos, these lovely shots of Genoa have added to the shade but what's really turned me the brightest shade of green you've ever seen is knowing that you've been hanging out with Rosanna! How exciting!

Linda Carswell said...

Caterina....I must say that seeing the amazing buildings here in Genova has certainly set my imagination racing....and yes, Rosanna has certainly made Italy a most exciting experience! (I love it here!)...Linda x

Norman....please don't be green...it is a most unflattering colour... lol!...but saying that, Rosanna is one of the warmest loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet, I am so pleased I started my blog!...Linda x

Catherine said...

How lovely this city is! I am so glad you have shared these photos with us.
I am such meeting Rosanna has been such a delight. I would LOVE to meet her!!! I might ask her why she has never shared such pictures with us. ;-)) I guess when you see such beauty every day you just don't notice it. Until... You have the chance to share it and see it afresh, through someone else's eyes.
I am just a bit green around the gills myself. LOL

WEIRD... I had to type in METAL for a word verification here to post! LOL What are the odds on that ever happening again?

Patty said...

Linda, The photos are just magnificent! I love the garden pond and also the building with the green shutters!!!! GORGEOUS!!

Jill said...

When I saw "Genova" in the title, I immediately thought of Rosanna! I'm so jealous that you got to meet her and spend time w/her! Genova is so beautiful~ I love your photos.

Flora said...

Finally, in our Italy :-)
Although I am far from Genoa, I feel a little too "hostess", so I hope you'll have a wonderful stay, and can get your fill of good experiences :-)
Ciao, Flora

miniacollection said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos. I have been many times to Italy but never to Genoa, therefore I really enjoed your photos. Genoa appears to be a beautiful and interesting town.

Mommi said...

oh....MY Genova :O)
i't so particular, so hidden..so "between" mountains and sea...I'm sure you fell in love with it, with such a special guide!
P.S. : I live in Bologna since 1998......and i LOVE it, but genova....is like an old, big love...and Paris...a big new love too :o)

Julie-Ann said...

Oh we have switched countries this week. I love the Italian food better than the French- don't tell the French lol. I have never been to Genova. It looks like I need to add this to my Bucket List:)

Plumes d'Anges said...

Very beautiful pictures ! Thank you , sorry for my bad english.
Have a good day. brigitte

Lucille said...

What fabulous architecture! You take such lovely photos. I like them all, especially the one with the arched windows, statues, and staircases. You have captured so many details. Thank you so much for sharing!


Liberty Biberty said...

What a fabulous place to visit and even better becasue you had a wonderful guide!
All your pics are stunning Linda!