Saturday, November 6, 2010

I went to.......Portofino!!!!!

I am still pinching myself to make it seem real, that I actually went to Portofino! Not just Portofino but Camogli, San Fruttuoso & S. Margherita Ligure also!
The coast line near Genova is littered with these wonderful little harbours, such a feast for the eyes & the camera. Once again it was Rosanna who was our guide for the day. This lovely lady has such a passion & knowledge for the fabulous country in which she lives. She took us by bus, train & ferry to visit these amazing colourful little villages.....we had a wonderful day, the weather was perfect & the sun on the buildings made it a sight to behold.
I shall show photos of the other harbours in a future blog, but for now it is just......yes, just......Portofino!!!
It was our last day in Genova & we left Rosanna that day.....but it was not 'good-bye' was just 'see you again soon' we are to meet again in Paris before we head for home!


Iris said...

Great pictures! I have never visited Italy, but maybe someday I get to travel to Italy.

Catherine said...

That is just magic!!!

I love the colors of the buildings.You will be returning to Tasmania with such beautiful memories. I think your going to need another hard drive to store all these photos. LOL

rosanna said...

Dear Linda, you managed to do your post MUCH sooner than Monday!
Do you now know where you are?
Thank you for the wonderful week and memories.
Minihugs to you both, Rosanna

Norma said...

How totally scrumptiously wonderful!! What an awesome time you are having. And of course the pics are just beautiful :)

Daydreamer said...

Linda, you take such beautiful pictures! It is a pleasure to "travel" with you! Portofino looks truly beautiful! Such steep landscape! And gorgeous old buildings! Thank you for sharing!

chateaudelille said...

So pretty and peaceful.Rosanna sounds like a real treat.Fiona

miniacollection said...

I enjoy your photos a lot. The ones of Portofino are perfect, the colours are superb.

miniacollection said...

See you at Paris Création with Rosanna.

Margaret said...

What amazing photos Linda, Portofino and Genova, those buildings!! It really looks as lovely as in the movies, sounds like you are having the holiday of a lifetime and have a great 'tour guide'. Smiles:)

Julie-Ann said...

I love Italy but have never been to this part. It looks so beautiful. Another place to add to the list of I must visit some day.
I am loving following your journey. Where do we go next?:)

Anonymous said...

Portofino is simply amazing!
I love Portofino and also shopping, there are so many lovely boutique!
Baisou, Babi

Lancerika said...

Fantastic images.
what a beautiful
sight with those
colourful buildings...
have FuN!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful shots Linda
I'd love to get back to Italy with a decent camera.. every turn .. every sight is a shot worth taking. your's are beautiful.... and do bring back such wonderful memories.. thanks for visiting my way.. ciao xxx Julie