Friday, May 25, 2012

Feels like coming home....

We are back in Paris and from the first step on the platform of the train station it felt like coming back home!! The weather has been warm, very warm in our first day we headed off to (one of) my favorite places.....Jardin du Luxembourg!! The Medici Fountain (1630) is always so special to photograph at any time of the year, last time we were in Paris it was Autumn and this area looked so very different to now. I am so hoping for a cool change in the weather tomorrow.
The puppy I hear you ask......I found this gorgeous creature in a pet shop, if I was staying for ever I am so sure I would have been tempted....who could resist that tummy?


rosanna said...

I can totally understand you: it feels the same for me any time I go to London
Welcome back home then :o))
Hugs Rosanna

Lucille said...

I hope you have a wonderful time, Linda! I also hope the weather cooperates! Is there anything worse than hot and humid?

sylvia said...

Welcome to Europe!!!
Enjoy your stay
Hugs Sylvia

Katherine said...

I see you are understanding the age old statement "home is where your heart is". Paris has a way of stealing hearts..... and it's a wonderful place to have your heart captured.
Enjoy every moment.

Giac said...

Hello linda,
I'm so glad you got there safe and sound. I hope you enjoy your trip...we'll be there in 12 days and your pictures are making me crazy.

miniacollection said...

No surprise you feel like coming home... I'm so happy you've got this feeling.
It seems that the good weather was waiting for your arrival to come.
Like you I love le jardin du Luxembourg, a lovely garden no matter the season.

Patty said...

Linda, I hope you are having the very best time!!! It is exciting to think that you will be there for two months! What a dream! Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos!

Monica Roberts said...
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Catherine said...

The whole thing is irresistible! What could be better then Paris and puppies? ;-))))

sandi quance said...

What a wonderful time to be in Paris and for TWO MONTHS!!! Lucky girl!
I am with you in spirit.

That puppy definitely needs a cuddle!


The Cloth Shed said...

Looks like you are going to have a wonderful time in Paris...two months in an apartment on Rue Saint Honore sounds my kind of dream!
Julie x

Odetta said...

I love all the gorgeous details on your pictures.

Kind regards, Odetta

Odetta said...

I love all the gorgeous details on your pictures.

Kind regards, Odetta