Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Old Lady....

"My Old Lady".....this movie without a doubt is my all time favourite. I do hesitate to tell you just how many times I have watched it....(I just can't seem to get enough of it!)....I love everything about it!!! It does of course stars some of my favourite actors....being the magnificent Maggie Smith, the fabulous Kristin Scott Thomas and the adorable Kevin Kline.
As you might guess (due partly to my love of it) it is set in Paris. Some of the locations used were instantly recognisable to me, but other not so, on my last visit to Paris I thought it might be fun to visit (and find) some of the locations used. These I found easily, but some were found simply by accident.
I hope you enjoy these photos I have selected from my 'location spotting'....I certainly had fun finding them.
I must add....if you have not seen this movie....well, I think you really must!! Enjoy x


Kleine Vingers said...

Thank you for this post, I haven't seen the film but want to see it for some time. But unfortunatley I didn't remember the title. Now I have made a reservation at the libery. Hope the DVD will be there soon. It must have been so much fun to find the places from the movie. Even without seeing the movie I have enjoyed the pictures.
Many greetings.

Catherine said...

I haven't seen this film but I will try and get it from Netflix. Once again your photos are beautiful!

miniacollection said...

I have never seen that film, I think I should watch it one day. what a good plan for your next stay in Paris. I must say you are very good at finding wonderful spots for taking photos.

Elizabeth S said...

What a terrific idea to try and scout out the movie locations and then find them!
I haven't seen this movie either, but I act on your recommendation and try to locate it, since I admire all three of those actors too!

Giac said...

Hello linda,
Thank you for the movie suggestion and for the wonderful pictures of Paris.
Big hug

Steinworks said...

Im going to put that on my netflicks list, thanks for the suggestion and the photo's


Léa said...

I just watched the trailer, thanks to you, Linda! I have to say the atmosphere (the old Parisian apartment) is fantastic, and I understand how you like this movie.
It magnifies Paris with great aesthetics in outdoor scenes, just like your own beautiful photos. ♥

rosanna said...

How I understand you...some years ago I set on a car and went to Provence and Luberon on the tracks of the locations of the movie "Un'ottima annata" , may be it was " A good year" with Russel Crowe. I loved so much the movie and the scenery that I had to watch them in real!

lilac and old roses said...

I've not heard of this film but now it's on my list of films to watch! Love your post, fabulous photographs, Jane x